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Hey all,

I haven’t posted on here in a while. I’m working on a revamp so this place will be a lot more exciting once the construction is finished.

Halloween Blog-A-Thon–chance to win a NOOK!

Paranormal Romantics Blog-a-Thon 2010 where the depraved and dirty minded come to gather for the weekend.

Every hour a new blog will go up until midnight. Saturday Noon to Midnight then Sunday 9 AM to Midnight.

A chance to win goodies from each author as well as the grand prize of a NOOK e-reader!

Each blog will have a simple draw contest. DON’T FORGET YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS.
For the NOOK contest you need to answer the following seven questions and SEND your answers to
All answers can be found in the blogs.
Contests close at 10:00AM Monday morning. Winners will be posted at Noon.

Da Questions

How would Annie Nicholas catch a vampire?
What kind of wolves does Rebecca Royce write about?
What does Sandra Sookoo love about October?
Who does Sara Brookes think is the Master of Halloween?
What animal is J. Hali Steele writing about recently?
What kind of photos is DL Jackson showing?
Does Stacey Kennedy want to be bitten?

Don’t post your answers here. E-mail them to
after you visit:


***Btw, my blog on telekinesis will post at 5 pm on Halloween!***

An excerpt from TK and a new contest!

Read with care then check out my News Page for the details of my new giveaway contest!

Why worry the little fellow, Casey thought. Plus explaining the incident might require revealing her telekinesis, which would end all friendship or romantic possibilities. Not that she was thinking romantically of Nando–a man who reminded her too much of Danny DeVito–but he might tell Parker.

“A misunderstanding,” she said.

Parker emerged from the airport doors, and he looked so good, so masculine, so capable, that Casey stared with longing, wishing for just a moment for a white knight. What if she ran to his broad chest and sobbed out the story of the evil Swedes? Not just what they did, but why. Casey knew what. He’d freak, just like all the other guys. No need to test that theory. She refocused on Nando. “You still have my bags, don’t you?”Contest prizes

“Sí, but…”

Parker sauntered up. “Sorry I took so long. Real dragon lady back there. I thought she was going to send me back to the States rather than let me through.”

“She must have disliked your shifty eyes,” Casey said, keeping a straight face.

“My shifty eyes!” He sounded offended. Casey grinned.

* * * *

The first thing he noticed about her this time was her legs, which were hot as hell, then he noticed her well proportioned chest and the fact that her shirt was crooked somehow. He wanted to reach out and straighten it. It went against his sense of order. But the most bizarre change in Casey’s appearance was her hair. Clumps of it seemed to be sprouting from her ears and other portions stood out at odd angles defying the laws of gravity.

“What the hell happened to you?”

“A misunderstanding,” she said, smiling innocently.

“A what?” The blood throbbed in Parker’s skull. “With who?”

“With a cabby.”

Was that his chest aching? “A cabby did this?”

“Did what?” She rubbed her arms and he noticed what looked like finger marks there.

His breath grew shallow. “Your hair, your arms!”

“Oh, he just really wanted my fare. You know how territorial cabbies can be.”

Parker didn’t know how to respond. She’d been attacked on his watch? Already? Brandon wouldn’t have sent him on this job if there was going to be real work involved. Right? But he’d failed. He’d let her down. His chest tightened and he opted for no response–there were really no words to say–and concentrated on deep breathing. He hated this weakness, feeling light-headed and dizzy over something so stupid. Relax, he ordered himself.

Ignoring their exchange, Nando waved frantically at a man approaching on the sidewalk. Casey continued to project a blank look as if nothing was screwy about a cabby rough-handling her the first moment she stepped out in Mexico.
Nando spoke to the shorthaired man–was there something familiar about him?–handed him some luggage and came rushing back. “That was Mr. Petrov, retrieving his overnight bags.”

“Who will take them to the resort tomorrow?” Casey asked. Parker guessed she was glad for the change of subject.
This girl attracted trouble, though, he could tell, whether she was a spoiled senator’s daughter or something else entirely, and that would be totally counterproductive to his main mission: getting his health back. He knew that was why Brandon has sent down here, no matter what the official report stated. Yes, he’d given him this assignment, but it was the blood pressure his boss was worried about.


Telekinetic Kisses Sept. 14th!

Secrets & Spies has been given a new life as TELEKINETIC KISSES, coming out tomorrow evening at Liquid Silver Books.

Undercover takes on a whole new meaning south of the border where things turn hot, spicy and deadly in the blink of an eye.

Casey Summer’s bad day begins with a limo crash and ends with a pink slip from both her boss and her boyfriend. But in a flash of perfect timing–or suspicious coincidence?–winning a raffled trip to Mexico eases the sting.

Agent Parker Nelson is having a bad life. A workaholic with high blood pressure, he finds himself assigned to a bogus babysitting job somewhere in Mexico. But there’s a lot Parker doesn’t know about his darling charge, like why everyone seems to be after her and why so many things seem to crash or move when she’s around. Her file is marked “need to know” and he’s been told he doesn’t need to know. In addition, he’s to keep her in the dark about his identity as a federal agent.

As his undercover assignment heats up, Parker has to elude not only the bad guys, but his distracting and dangerous desire for Casey. Far from a relaxing respite from his real job, this assignment is turning out to be nothing like what the doctor ordered.

Enjoy the excerpt! I’ll post the Buy link as soon as it’s up at LSB…


The Winners from the Be My Valentine Tour

Congrats to all the winners, especially Cathy M. who won a copy of my Tastes of Pleasure: Taking It to the Edge!

Amy S.
Wolf’s Tender by Gem Sivad
TBA Book by Christa Paige
Once Bitten by Trina M. Lee
Virtuous Vampire by Monette Michaels
Sound of a Voice that is Still by PG Forte

Beth C.
Retreat by Alanna Coca
For a Price by Olivia Brynn
Doll by Juniper Bell
Flash of Dark by Sara Brookes
TBA Book by Sandra Sookoo

Carol Luciano
Red Dawn by Annie Nicholas
The Summerland by TL Shaefer
Fireproof by Tina Holland
Cougar by the Tail by J. Hali Steele
Queer Hauntings: True Tales of Gay & Lesbian Ghosts by Ken Summers

Cathy M.
Stallion of Ash and Flame by Savanna Kougar
TBA Book by Nina Pierce
Tastes of Pleasure by Shara Lanel
Surprise Gift from Jeanne Barrack
Seducing Regan by Stephanie Adkins

Gabrielle Lee
The Last Celtic Witch by Lyn Armstrong
The Cain Letters by Pierre Roustan
Promo Pack from Adele Dubois
One Wilde Night (ARC) by Rhonda Leigh
Were Love Blooms by J.Morgan

Jen R.
Frozen by Morgan Q. O’Reilly
Alitus, Tales of the Chosen by Kayelle Allen
Dining In by Elise Logan
The Challenge by Serena Shay
Come Monday By Mari Carr

Jennifer Mathis
Hearts Afire: December by Ella Drake, Elise Logan & Emily Ryan-Davis
Satisfy Me by Madison Scott
Rip Cord by Jeanne St. James
Prodigal Slave by Roxy Harte
Close to Perfect by Tina Donahue


Pick Your Favorite Valentine

How’re you enjoying the Be My Valentine Blog Tour so far? If you’re at all confused, hop on the tour bus here. Don’t forget to leave a comment before continuing on your way.
Like it a little wet? How about your Valentine all wrapped up in red?

He’s offering you some roses and a little more… But this last guy beckoning you to join him. Yum. I think he’s the best of them all.


I want to see my grass again!

Long ago my family and I left Western NY, otherwise known as The Snow Belt, to live in sunny and way hot VA, a place with temperate, even boring winters. A place where one could picnic outside in January, where campus schools allowed students to enjoy the air even if they were only in elementary school.

Well, I’ve got to say, this winter you have disappointed me, Virginia. I’m very tempted to cheat on you and move to Florida. Yeah, they’ve had it cold but I don’t think they’ve been dumped on with snow every weekend for almost a month.

And this is the winter VA Power decided to raise it’s electric rates. Our bill jumps way up mid-winter anyway, but our last bill was mind-blowing. See I can go a long time, past anyone else, not turning on the A/C in summer, but I can’t deal with the cold. I’ll sit here with a couple of layers of clothes, blankets piled on top of me, heat cranked but feeling like it’s not working at all, with a cup of hot chocolate. Motivation zero, because doing something would require movement from under my lovely blankets. Perhaps I should’ve asked for a Snuggie at Christmas, but at the time it didn’t seem necessary.

So what am I saying here?

I’m over it, Virginia! Do you hear me? I am OVER winter. I want sunshine, drought, and blistering heat back. I won’t even complain about it, I promise!


PS. Watch for my next post to help fight off the winter chills!

Ho Ho Hotties–Our gift to you!

Hope you’re enjoying the tour so far! You’re about halfway–check the links below if you’re lost. And don’t forget to comment so that you’ll be entered for the Grand Prize.

Wishing you a Merry…whatever you celebrate…Kwaanza, Yule, Christmas, Hannukah!

If you’re on the blog tour, you should have come from here P.G. Forte’s blog:

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Have a great holiday season and enjoy the rest of the tour!

We’re also chatting today from 7a to 7p EST. Come by and say “Hi”:


Hotties all day–Fri. 12/11–and prizes to win!

Over 25 authors participating = over 25 grand prizes! AND tons of EYE CANDY!

Join the authors from Liquid Silver Books (and friends) for our Holiday HOTTIE Blog Tour and Chat, which runs from midnight 12/11 to midnight 12/12. The chat is from 7a-7p on 12/11, all EST. All you have to do is hit every blog on the tour with a quick comment and you’ll be entered for the grand prizes–we’ll draw several winners so everyone has a good chance. (Some of the authors are offering individual prizes too!)

Here’s the chat link (no password required to join in):

Here’s the blog tour participants in order (in case you lose your way) followed by the list of prizes:

Trina M. Lee Chatting
Serena Shay Chatting
Jolie Cain
Tina Holland Chatting
Stephanie Adkins
Emily and Elise Chatting
Paige Tyler
Juniper Bell Chatting
Alanna Coca Chatting
Roscoe James at SEx
K.Z. Snow
Ella Drake Chatting
Jeanne St. James Chatting
Annie Nicholas
P.G. Forte Chatting
Shara Lanel Chatting
Olivia Brynn Chatting (when Alanna’s not )
Dhympna du Maurier
Morgan Q. O’Reilly
Sara Brookes
Savanna Kougar Chatting
Christa Paige Chatting
Vivian Arend Chatting
Cat Kane Chatting
Dee Carney
Jambrea Jo Jones Chatting
Gem Sivad Chatting


Preja Vu by Alanna Coca
3 paperbacks from Emily and Elise
For a Price by Olivia Brynn
Wolf’s Tender by Gem Sivad
Once Bitten by Trina M. Lee
Bound by Deception by Christa Paige
Rocky Mountain Heat by Vivian Arend
Banged Up by Jeanne St. James
Endangered Hearts by Jolie Cain
Flesh and Blood by Tina Holland
Between Heaven and Hell by Stephanie Adkins
The Challenge by Serena Shay
Protective Custody by Paige Tyler
Human Nature by Cat Kane
Backlist book by Dee Carney
Semper Fi by Jambrea Jo Jones
Red Lioness Tamed by Savanna Kougar
The Spirit of the Place by PG Forte
Iron by PG Forte
In the Dark by PG Forte
Winner’s choice of any book by K.Z. Snow
Six Foot Hero by Shea McMaster
TBA by J. Morgan
Hearts Afire December by Emily, Elise and Ella
Signed print copy of Destiny’s Magick by Rae Morgan
The Omegas by Annie Nicholas
The Extremist by Juniper Bell
Tastes of Pleasure by Shara Lanel

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