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Hmm, think of something catchy…

Tastes of PleasureWow, I’ve got a new blog and I can’t think of a thing to say. Don’t worry–I will, though. Not sure how often, but I’m a writer so I’m sure I’ll think of something. For now, let me introduce myself (in case you stumble across this blog accidentally and have no clue who I am)…

I’m Shara Lanel. I write erotic romance, currently for three publishers: Liquid Silver Books, Loose Id, and Ellora’s Cave. My first novel, Enlightened Love, is about an ex-Buddhist monk and a debutante on the run from her ex-fiance. I have four other releases with Liquid Silver, a brand new release with Loose Id called The Men on Mars, and an upcoming release with Ellora’s Cave called Secrets & Spies. The Ellora’s Cave thing is so new that I haven’t even received the contract yet, but I’m expecting it any day.

So one thing I plan to do here is post excerpts of my new and older stories for your enjoyment. I also have a newsletter called Shara’s E Zone, which comes out monthly on a Yahoo loop, and a web site:, and you’ll find contests frequently posted on my News Page.

And I hope you all will help me out by posting comments any time the urge strikes you. Fun and interactive is the name of the game. I’ll be talking about all the varied topics that strike my fancy and I’d love to hear about your fave things as well. Hmm, and hopefully by my next post I’ll have thought of something catchy…you know, that thing on the tip of my tongue…that great comeback or awesome title that simply eludes me when I need it most. Sigh. Or not.

Thanks for joining me!



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2 thoughts on “Hmm, think of something catchy…

  1. Loretta on said:

    Love the cover of the book.

  2. Thanks! Me, too. My cover artist (April Martinez) is awesome.

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