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To Talk (or Not) on Politics

So how did the elections go in your state? I hesitate to ask this question, because we’re always taught to avoid discussing politics and religion. We adhere to this credo, for the most part, in my house, because the hubby and I are on opposite sides of the fence and things can get a bit too heated, especially around the last presidential election. We have a strict rule that no political bumper stickers may be added to either car and no signs may be posted in the yard. That doesn’t stop my friends from coming over with bumper stickers on their cars, however, which I find endlessly amusing. What’s interesting here in Virginia is that we don’t know who won the Senate race yet, and apparently we might not know for quite a while since Senator Allen is already calling for a recount.

I’ll just be so thrilled to have possession of my answering machine back! I mean, how many recorded messages can they send out in one day? I’ve gotten so many phone calls from the Governor, the former Governor, and the Senator, that I’m starting to get a swelled head. Of course, none of these calls were from actual live human beings. Honestly, I don’t remember any other election resulting in quite so many phone calls. And let’s not even discuss the televised ads, but at least those were par for the course and I could put it on Food Network to generally avoid them, though I think even HGTV and Style were starting to air political ads, too, or maybe I was just having flashbacks. I’m quite sure I was dreaming about them.

I really do want your opinions! In fact, I’ll give away a download copy of THE MEN ON MARS to one lucky person who posts comments–and since I’m just getting the word out on my new blog–I’ll pick a winner on Friday.



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18 thoughts on “To Talk (or Not) on Politics

  1. Shara,

    Congratulations on the new books and you’re blog. No need to worry about discussing politics, you handled it great.

    Can’t wait to read more in the future.

  2. Hey Sloane, thanks for being my first poster 🙂

  3. You are right about all the phone calls, seemed like more this time around, but at least I don’t feel so bad hanging up on a message. Out of all your books, I have only read one, Primitive Passion. So I will forward to reading some excerpts and reviews.

  4. Awesome, Cathy! I hope you enjoyed Primitive Passion.

  5. Hi, Shara! Lovely new blog you have here! Congratulations on taking the plunge! I wanted to use WordPress but my hosting service doesn’t work with WP. *pouts* I still don’t have a blog yet! And I’m having a little blog envy at the moment!

    Politics… Yes, entire families have been known to implode over politics! It’s a good thing my dear departed pappy really loved me. One of his biggest disappointments in life was that he raised a Democrat!

    Arkansas had particularly nasty campaigns this year. So few ads actually said anything about the issues. Most that did were so mired in mud, it was almost impossible to see the actual meaning.

    So the election will at least put the dirty ads to bed for a while. For about a year and half at least.

  6. Joan Woods on said:

    Haven’t read any of your books yet but would love to. I am one of those who do not discuss politics or religion.

  7. Hi!

    On Blogs:

    A little over a year ago i thought blogs were a load of rubbish. I much preferred to visit a website. By the end of last january i had my own blog and don’t have a clue about what i’d need to do with a website. Go figure 🙂


    I don’t mind discussing them but
    A – I am not very knowledgeable
    B – your politics are different to mine (you’re in the US, I’m in the UK *g*)

    Ah well…

    Nice blog, by the way. WP? Just how many blog providers are there???

  8. Joan, very wise of you! Another trouble spot is keeping my dad and my father-in-law from discussing politics at family gatherings.

    Shayla, I just went with a basic blog from WordPress without worrying about hosting, etc. I’ll link it on my web site, but I just went for simple.

  9. Elizabeth, I have no idea how many blog providers there are. I know about Blogger and WordPress because Liquid Silver used first one then the other for their author blog. On politics, I remember having an interesting discussion with an editor from Canada on her opinion on US politics. Luckily our opinions matched or that could have been a very dicey conversation.

  10. Ugh elections! Thankfully I’m Canadian so I haven’t had to deal with them lately. I’m saved from that headache for another couple years.
    As far as I’m concerned the whole trick to any election is trying to figure out who is lying to you the least.

    The Men on Mars was the first book of yours that I read. I loved it. Are you planning on doing a sequal or another in that ‘world’?

  11. FeyRhi, I’m so glad you loved Men on Mars! That was quite different for me, so I wasn’t sure how it would go over 😉 But yes, I am planning on doing a spin-off, probably with Freddy for starters. Ideas are mulling around in my brain.

  12. Welcome to the Blogosphere, Shara! And congrats on the sale to EC! Woohoo!!

    Re: the elections… My brother sent a letter to kone of our Senators letting him know how irritated he was with all the political calls and that, next time, he might just vote for the person who called him the least. Now, there’s an idea… LOL

  13. Thanks, Sherrill! Still have the contract to read and figure out before it’s official.

    The other thing about the phone calls and ads is that they’ve obviously paid someone. They were talking on the news about how much was spent in this campaign and I’m thinking, why not put that towards lowering our taxes or gas prices?

  14. Hi Shara,
    The voting went okay here. They up the wages for people to make more money which is good. Then pass the law for not smoking in public places caught five hundred dollar fine. I’m not to happy about that being a smoker but everyone has there rights.

  15. Hi Shara! Terrific blog you got here… Mine’s a bit of a pit–hey, but I do post something new there occasionally. (Like today… I’m announcing a contest.) 😉

    EEgads!!! The political phone calls that clogged our phone answering machine for the last month have been simply horrendous. Missouri had some really hot contested races and propositions and everything was down to the wire… So much mudslinging, however. Ugh! No wonder I’m not much into politics in any way shape or form.

    I’m with your Canadian reader–you just have to go with whomever you think is lying to you the least. But putting your elderly mother on the phone to campaign for you… I don’t know. That didn’t make any bonus points with me from our new senator-elect.

  16. Lisa, sorry about the smoking thing. They passed a few things here that I’m not very happy about, but we’re a conservative state, so I kind of expected it.

    Celine, his elderly mother, huh? That’s a new one!

    Well, we seem to have a new senator-elect, but I think the old one is calling for a recount. But they’re already saying the Democrats have taken over the Senate, which I thought hinged on Virginia’s election, so I’m still waiting. Then I can giggle furiously at my hubby. 😉


  17. Hi Shara,

    Nice blog, darlin. Congrats on the new book, it’s sounds wonderful. As for the political stuff…I agree, the number of phone calls from computers this year was over the top. I’m thinking of sending a nice note to all the politicians in Washington and asking them to combine their efforts next time so I can eat in peace.

    Michelle Hoppe

  18. I hear yah, Michelle! It seems like we shouldn’t have to unplug our phones to be alone in our houses. Thanks on the congrats!

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