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An excerpt from THE MEN ON MARS

Here’s an excerpt from my Loose Id book, The Men on Mars:

Nate slammed the Coke to the desk and grabbed my shoulders. “Have you no self-respect? Yes, you killed someone, but in honor — in defense of your mother, whether she wanted it or not. Where’s your honor now?”

I would not cry again. I’d burn on the sun before I would cry again. “I left it on Earth.”

His eyes wouldn’t leave mine, and his strong palms on my shoulders wouldn’t let me turn away. I wanted to scream in frustration and smack the look of concern from his face. But then his face drew nearer, a millimeter at a time, barely perceptible. What was he doing? We had customers to wait on. I could hear the shouts from the walk outside the store; they were waiting for us to open up. But Nate didn’t seem to care. His face was so big in my view that I couldn’t even look at it. I closed my eyes and waited for the warmth, the tenderness, of his lips against mine. A brush, a wisp of sensation, a hesitation, then more. A firm pressure, his lips against my own. I pressed my palms to his chest, wondering whether I should push him away. He was my boss … beings needed fuel …

Then his lips widened, inviting mine to follow. I’d imagined this many times since he’d saved me from the de Lunas. My mouth became an O, open and waiting to be filled by the man who’d accepted my past without a flinch. Then he did fill me with his questing tongue, wet and hot. I sucked it in and concentrated on the feeling, like nothing I’d felt before. Hot, sexy, caring, and suddenly it mattered that he was kissing me. It mattered that I might have to leave him behind.

Available now at Loose Id!Men on Mars cover

4 Nymphs from Literary Nymphs! Water Nymph had this to say:

“Ms. Lanel’s creative story provides an enjoyable ride with exciting stops on the way and just the right amount of hot sex on the side to keep you in anticipation of the next move. For a hot space travel read, The Men on Mars is a wonderful choice.”

4 BLUE RIBBONS from Romance Junkies!!! Here’s a snippet from the review by Traci Marsac:

“There wasn’t a dull moment to be had in this novella by Shara
Lanel! Lanel packed in plenty of sex and danger in the fast paced

And 4/5 Stars from 2 reviews at JERR with a heat rating of “O“:

“I not only felt involved with the characters, I
was in the world that surrounded them…It was primal and raw, just
the way I like my stories.”–says reviewer Suni Farrar

Don’t forget to post comments before Friday to win an e-copy!



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6 thoughts on “An excerpt from THE MEN ON MARS

  1. Hi Shara! Just wanted to say how much I LOVED reading the Men on Mars!! It was one of those stay-up-until-3am and finish reading it in one sitting, type books. Congratulations on your great JERR reviews.

  2. Hey Shara, congratulations on the reviews! I too read Men on Mars, it was good! Have fun with the whole blog…thing…lol, how else would you secribe it… phenomenon maybe? I have had fun with mine.


  3. Thanks for the compliments! Ooh, I’m feeling my head swell…don’t worry. My internal editor will bash it back to size shortly.

    Yeah, I held out on the blog “thing” in case it went away, but it hasn’t so far. Of course, I recently attended a workshop on podcasting. Eek, that sounds like a lot more work.

  4. Cherie Michalec on said:

    Hi Shara! Thanks for the excerpt from THE MEN ON MARS! I’ve also read the reviews, and the other bloggers comments. Sounds like a fascinating book! I would love to win an ebook copy :^)

  5. Haven’t had a chance to read your book yet, but loved the excerpt.

  6. Cherie, I hope you’ll check it out. Cathy, thanks for the compliment!

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