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In preparation for the feast

retro posterFood Network is killing me! They keep showing their Thanksgiving cooking episodes, which include every conceivable way to cook a turkey, to stuff it, and to make all the trimmings. Plus I get Rachel Ray’s magazine, which has recipes such as Adam’s Bourbon-Glazed Barbecue Turkey. Hmm, interesting. The picture of pecan pie by itself set my stomach to growling. Then my friend and I were on the phone discussing Thanksgiving dinner–she’s coming to my house–and by then my stomach was in pain from the longing for turkey gravy and stuffing. Oh, and the hubby’s Monkey Bread.

The problem with anticipating Thanksgiving is that before all that food comes to pass, I first need to clean the house and go grocery shopping and cook. So much work! We’re having it here this year, instead of at Mom’s because I’ve only had a chance to use my new set of “good” dishes once a couple of years ago on Thanksgiving. To justify their continued storage in my cupboard, I need to use them again.

Thanksgiving is primarily an American holiday, so if you’re from elsewhere around the world, I’d love to hear what you do at this time of year. My friend and I were also discussing plum pudding and double clotted cream, which I recently saw in the grocery store. Then we were discussing the fact that I’d never had lamb, rutabaga, and am not particularly fond of cranberry sauce. She tells me I’d like lamb if cooked the way she does it with rosemary and lemon.turkey tools

What does your family cook for the holidays? We do ham for Christmas and Easter, and I really don’t like ham, except in ham biscuits, which means I’ve lived in the South too long. I’m particularly fond of salty country ham with horseradish sauce on sweet rolls. For a long time Mom made me a separate turkey thing for Christmas dinner, and one year it was this awful processed turkey roll. Totally nasty. Think I’d rather pop a ribeye on the grill, thank you very much.

And you know, I’m still starving because tonight is Weight Watchers weigh-in so I can’t eat anything until AFTER the meeting. Ugh!



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4 thoughts on “In preparation for the feast

  1. Little Lamb Lost on said:

    Hi Shara!

    Just read your newsletter and found out you have a blog. It was fun to go through you recipes there. Can see from this post that you are a food lover, too. When I was very young, I poured over the old Bon Appetit magazine issues in the local library and dreamt of the wonderful meals I someday hoped to cook and eat.

    Christmas dinner is roast duck stuffed with apples and prunes, boiled and slightly caramelized potatoes (it’s a Danish thing), and sweet and sour red cabbage. The dessert is ris a la mande, which is basically a rice pudding mixed with a good portion of lightly sweetened whipped cream, almond bits are mixed in and the whole thing is drizzled with a sweet cherry sauce. One whole almond is hidden inside this dessert and the finder is given a prize.

    Love the holiday and its foods!

  2. Yes, I love food. Now whether that translates into actual kitchen skills–well, my hubby will tell you that it does not 😉

    Wow, the rice pudding thing sounds delish! Today I did a bit of brown sugar, butter, and rum and tossed in some pecans for a way too sweet treat. Not on the Weight Watchers menu.

  3. Loretta on said:

    Thanksgiving at my house is Turkey with stuffing , mashed potatoes, gravy, veg., fruit salad, banana pudding, and the pies. Can’t forget the pies. Love them all. At Christmas sometime I have Turkey and Ham or we go with Tamales and other mexican food to go with them. I have a friend that makes the best Tamales.

  4. Ooh, tamales sound good! My mom makes a banana pudding pie that’s a must-have for Thanksgiving.

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