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The Eggnog Issue

Am I a freak to be so in love with eggnog that I buy it every week from mid-October to the beginning of January? That I drink the whole quart or half gallon in two days all by myself? When asked at Weight Watchers what holiday food could cause our downfall, I responded with eggnog. Some suggestions were: try soy eggnog or light eggnog, but I like the ultra-thick, ultra-creamy stuff. Doesn’t have to be spiked with rum or brandy. Doesn’t even need a sprinkling of nutmeg. Just straight eggnog, and no the eggnog ice cream won’t do.

Do I have an illness? Some people absolutely can’t stand the stuff, whether it’s because of dairy allergies or an aversion to eggs in beverages. I don’t know, but they look at me really oddly. Yes, I love pumpkin pies (they’re vegetables, you know) and Williamsburg cookies (which luckily only my friend’s mother makes perfectly), but I can limit my intake on these items. Even rum cake, which I now can make myself, only intrigues me for a bit. No, it is th eggnog alone that can cause me to gain ten pounds during the holiday season.

We did just do a fascinating exercise during our last WW meeting. We wrote on a paper plate all of the items we planned to eat for Thanksgiving dinner–not even counting seconds–then we added up the points. Whoa! My daily points are supposed to be 24. My calculated Thanksgiving dinner came in at a whopping 82! Talk about eye opening!

And that didn’t even include the eggnog…:-o



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6 thoughts on “The Eggnog Issue

  1. Shara, you need to join some sort of support group, lol. EAA – Eggnog Abusers Anonymous or something.

    I can truthfully say that your poison is one of the few things I DON’T like during the holidays. Everything else is my downfall.

    I’ll wish you luck in getting through with only one cup of good cheer if you’ll keep your fingers crossed that I limit my holiday dinners to single-course offerings.


  2. Loretta on said:

    Shara, I love eggnog and like you I like the thick eggnog. I am the only one in my house who drinks it , so that means I get the whole container full. I also love pumpkin pie. I have 2 big pumpkins here that I am going to cook up and make some fresh pies from them. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  3. Jennifer on said:

    Eggnog Addict! Now that’s something new!
    At least you are getting lots of protein from the eggs:)

  4. Dee, love the EAA idea! Sounds like a book in the making. *g* I must amend to say that it also depends on the brand of eggnog. There are some that I actually don’t like.

    Loretta, good luck on the pies. I made pies from actual pumpkins one year. The pumpkins came from mom’s garden, because anything big like that doesn’t like growing in my garden–usually because something comes along and chomps on it.

    Jennifer, Protein from eggs. Yup. Just like I’m getting Vitamin A from the pumpkin pie and fruit stuff from the banana pudding pie. Oh, and dairy from Redi-Whip. πŸ˜‰

  5. Egg nog. Love is a strong word for the drink, but I like it well enough. Tastes like bubble gum in liquid form.
    Favorites: sweet potato pie, dark meat off the bird, mashed potatoes (of course,) and FRIED green beans! Oh yeah, and yeast rolls.
    But what I want to know is who was the wise-apple who invented fruit cake. It has no nutritional value and except as a doorstop, it has absolutely no function in life. Blech.
    Okay, now I’m hungry, it’s 2:30 AM and thank you very kindly, but anything I eat now is going straight to my butt.

  6. Sorry, Sofie, for influencing your butt πŸ˜‰ Ooh, yeast rolls–yum! My friend swears she knows how to make tasty fruit cake. Personally I don’t believe her. I’d prefer she stick to rum cake.

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