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What should I write next?

Blogging is a great procrastination method, I must admit. Especially when I can’t decide what I want to work on. (Also, great for avoiding Thanksgiving grocery shopping because the store is going to be crowded and it all sounds like work. Sigh.) I’ve got a few things started, anywhere from 20 pages to 100 pages. You’d think the one with 100 pages would be the best choice, but by the time I’ve gotten that far–that’s when the plot problems become glaringly obvious and start to seem insurmountable. And those fresh ideas beckon…they sound fun and new…enticing…seductive.thinking

I have my werewolf and mind reader story, BLAME IT ON THE MOON. This one is furthest along and in some ways seems hopelessly tangled, but that’s my job as a writer, right? To untangle it. It’s set in Richmond and super sexy (the heroine can read all of our hero’s illicit thoughts). Then I have DREAM HEALER. Not nearly as far along, but those dreams are sooo HOT! I also have a stripper story called LOSING IT ALL. Do you think strippers are overdone? I think there’s a lot of emotion in this one, because the heroine recently lost everything in a divorce, but she discovers losing everything can open her up to a brand new adventurous world.

Then there are the new stories that beckon. A loosely formed idea for a sequel to THE MEN ON MARS, featuring Freddy. An idea for a futuristic with a magic shoppe at its center. And one idea I just started that takes place in my old hometown in Western NY–or more likely a fictional town that closely resembles my old town. I think this might involve a Wiccan heroine. Or I could even go back to my time travel, where the hero travels forward to modern day from Regency times, or my book collecting mystery.

You see my trouble? I’m indecisive! Ideas are everywhere, each one calling to me. Which should I spend time with? Any suggestions?



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7 thoughts on “What should I write next?

  1. I’m afraid I can’t be much help Shara, have you seen my WIP page? ROFL, I think I might be more conflicted than you!

    It sucks.

  2. Anne, at least I’m not alone! And my indecisiveness is only compounded by my holiday to-do list.

  3. Sometimes untying the knots is a good place to start. OK, so I have a thing for werewolves. LOL
    So now you’ve got me daydreaming of a furry alpha male instead of doing my paperwork OR making out my last minute shopping list for Thursday. THANKS!

  4. Tara, yeah alpha werewolves…mmm! Sorry for distracting you from shopping–but don’t you see? That’s exactly what I’m doing too!

  5. It’s such a relief to hear from a fellow sufferer. I swear my muse has ADD as well. *G*

    Personally I would love to see a sequal to ‘Men on Mars’, butI have to split my vote and choose ‘Blame it on the Moon too. Nothing better then an alpha warewolf…unless it’s two alpha warewolves. LOL

  6. I see you’ve been very busy on this blog. Sometimes when you can’t get going it’s best to take a break and do something totally different to maybe refresh yourself.

  7. FeyRhi, two alpha werewolves…hmm, maybe the sequal!

    Joe, the something different is going to be cooking turkey 🙂

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