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Hunky Calendar


Hope your holiday cooking and eating went well. My turkey was gorgeous! Hubby’s monkey bread was entirely too tasty. This week’s weigh-in at Weight Watchers is sure to be a nightmare, and not just because of the half gallon of eggnog that is now finito.fdny guy

On Regis this morning (I tend to watch the first fifteen minutes only–the dialogue between Regis and Kelly) they showed a calendar that looked so hot, I had to go find it on the web. It’s the America’s Heroes calendar.  Oh mama! I’m particularly fond of Mr. March. Not to say that I wouldn’t mind exploring Mr. January’s abs. Seriously fine! Seriously inspirational for my next book, wouldn’t you say?

That’s not to say that I’m not particularly fond of the guys in the 2007 FDNY calendar as well. Oh yeah, I’m very fond. And proceeds from these calendars go to good causes as well. I’m very for that. Of course, not sure hubby would go for me hanging these hunky guys on the walls of our house. Sigh.

Have you all read any good hero books lately, ie. stories about cops, fire fighters, military fellas that make you drool? I’ve been reading the anthology The Cop from Aphrodisia. Although since we did our mass cleaning of the house for Thanksgiving, I’m not sure where the book has wandered off to. Any thoughts as to what makes these guys our faves when it comes to romances? And do you like local law enforcement or the Feds? I think I’m partial to Feds–FBI, NSA, those guys.

And on a totally separate subject…have you started your holiday shopping yet? 😉



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2 thoughts on “Hunky Calendar

  1. Hey, Shara. I’m happy to report I actually have started my holiday shopping. And far sooner than I normally do. My Prince took me to New York City to spend Thanksgiving with his family, so naturally I enticed him to go shopping with me on Friday. I managed to put quite a few check marks on my list at Saks. And, because receiving is every bit as good as giving in my book, I dropped into the Elizabeth Arden Salon at Saks for a shampoo and blow dry. Hey, I deserve it, don’t I? My first book was released at Loose-Id yesterday. A girl needs to look her best, just in case someone knows how to look back at me through the computer screen.

    Thanks for the 411 on the Hunky calendar. I’m off to search for it right now.


  2. Delia, I’m so jealous of your NY trip! I haven’t been in a couple of years (I think) and have been yearning to go again. Christmas is such a fun time there.


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