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Short excerpt to enhance the holiday mood…

TOP coverHere’s an excerpt from the 12th story in my TASTES OF PLEASURE: Taking It to the Edge anthology. The story is “The Christmas Candy Game.”

“This is the Christmas candy game.”


“Lie with your head under the tree and look up at the lights.”


“Just do it.”

She did, she was gullible that way. Next thing you know, two hands were unbuttoning her blouse. She swatted at them.

“Nah uh, this is part of the game. Put your hands under your butt and let me get the game set up.”

“I have serious doubts about the legitimacy of this game.”

“Screw you.”

“That seems to be the point.”

“Wait for it.” Shirt wide open, the hands now unbuckled the belt that held her wraparound skirt together. Well, this was going to have obvious results, but she had no idea what this had to do with Christmas candy. Did she want to know? Would this ruin those special holiday treats for her forever in the future?

Or would it make them seem all the sweeter?

Yes, this is an extremely short excerpt because all the stories in this anthology are extremely short treats, perfect for reading when you’ve only got a few moments to spare. There’s also a New Year’s Eve story. TASTES OF PLEASURE: Taking It to the Edge is available at Liquid Silver Books.


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