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Junked out!

cakeIt’s only halfway (or not even) until Christmas and I’m totally junked out! I’ve drunk so much eggnog, not to mention the open bar at hubby’s work party last night. There I was more creative, trying some kind of martini’d concoction of the bartender’s made with Dewars. Later I tried scotch and soda–yuck–and finally stuck with vodka and cranberry. It’s not like they had a huge selection. No tequila or amaretto. And the work party was mere hours after my writing chapter’s holiday party. Good food there, good gracious! Hubby baked his monkey bread for me to take as my dish to pass. There was pumpkin pie, shrimp, ginger snaps with some kind of gooey goodness to dip. The orange punch was apparently spiked, though I mostly drank coffee. And I came away with a major stash that included bourbon balls and TWO–count them–TWO B&N gift certificates. Happiness is spending a few hours in B&N with gift certificates burning a hole in my purse.

I ate leftover monkey bread for lunch and Belgian chocolates for dessert. Plus I have caramels and sour cherry patches sitting on my desk, daring me to eat more. I can’t be trusted with these sort of sweets around! Help me! And yes, I even have a small stash of hard maple candy. I’m holding off on that–it’s the good stuff–100% maple.Williamsburg

My pal’s mom makes Williamsburg cookies every year and we usually get a stash along with our presents. However, I’ve been informed that she’s already made a test batch and my supposed pal didn’t bring me any–can you believe it? And we haven’t even discussed my other friend’s specialty: rum cake. I myself have learned to make a rum cake and the best part is dousing it liberally with rum-spiked syrup. And once the syrup drips to the plate, grab a spoon and pour it back on, really get it soaked in there. Only then may you cut a piece and bite into heaven.

If only I’d get as excited about other things as I do about food, huh? I do! I just save that for my fiction. Wink wink nudge nudge. By the way, click here for a Pumpkin Pecan Rum Cake recipe. And here is a site on Christmas in Williamsburg with a wassail and a gingerbread recipe. Enjoy!

So what was the point of my little recounting of these foodie indiscretions? Only, that my pants won’t fit and that I sooo need to get back on my diet! (And I will…starting Jan. 1.)



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4 thoughts on “Junked out!

  1. Oh! I found the rum recipe. Now I’m happy. Hee hee.


  2. Glad I could satisfy your discerning taste 😉
    Have you tried hot apple cider with a bit of brandy and cinnamon schnapps?


  3. I love Williamsburg at Christmas!

    For years we lived in Virginia Beach and I never gave Williamsburg a thought. Then my second year of college I met a girl whose dad worked there and she and her family were in pictures Life Magazine did (so you see how long ago that was, lol). That’s when I became interested in the town during the holidays, and the excitement of the decorations, Grand Illumination and the events they have has never left me.

    Hearing about “Williamsburg” cookies makes me homesick!


  4. We went to the Grand Illumination one year. It was fun. I also love the gingerbread cookies that come from a wood fire oven at one of the buildings. My friends love hitting the outlets during Christmas shopping season and last year we visited the winery for our annual gift exchange–that was fun!


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