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Excited yet? Comment and WIN

treeOkay, how many of you are like me and still get excited waiting for Santa? Not actually Santa, but Christmas morning when I get to open my presents. And I’m talking about my presents, not the vicarious thrill of watching my son opening his presents, though I do enjoy that part; however, it’s my presents that I can’t wait to see. It’s gotten a bit less fun recently, because I wind up buying some of my own gifts that get wrapped up, supposedly from my hubby. Well, that’s no fun because I know what I’m getting. On the other hand, I make sure I get just what I want, like the one-button back-up hard drive. I didn’t even bother wrapping that one. Too many friends’ computers have perished–the stuff of nightmares–so I wanted the back-up hooked up asap.

It’s probably a terrible thing to admit, right? The unbridled avarice. My Christmas list is generally quite long and my Amazon wishlist is seven pages at present. And the price range is WIDE. From the 32″ LCD HDTV that Santa keeps scoffing at to any number of books for $6.99. I have seen a couple of Amazon boxes under my husband’s arms. Apparently he had them delivered to his work so I wouldn’t peek. I wouldn’t do that…or would I? Nah! That takes away the anticipation. Of course, the parents said the items on my list needed to be $5 or less this year…say what? Is that even possible?!

What are you hoping Santa will bring you? Post a comment here between today and Christmas and I’ll choose a winner. What will you win? Something that could be quite fun on New Year’s Eve: Ten Nights of Passion mini box set. It includes “three tubes of flavored Motion Lotion, a brush, a satiny scarf” and 10 sexy idea cards. So take some time out from the Christmas rush and tell me what you’re hoping Santa brings you!



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16 thoughts on “Excited yet? Comment and WIN

  1. Good evening!!
    Happy Holidays to you and yours!! πŸ™‚
    I hope that you get all that you want for the Holidays!!

  2. Merry Christmas!
    I would like my house addition to be completed for Christmas! However, I’ll settle for some new books, clothes, lotions, some quiet time (one can always ask, right?), and maybe a new puppy!

  3. Same to you, Mary!

    Jodi, love the new puppy idea, however, my old dog probably wouldn’t like it. I’m guessing I’ll get no quiet time until my son’s back in school, and that’s not until Jan. 2!


  4. I’m hoping for an outdoor ornament for the patio, a word search book, a bracelet. New teeth that work very good is on my list also but I have to wait until the new year.

  5. Eek…dentist…eek! Robyn, I hope you get the items on your list. The outdoor ornament sounds very nice!

  6. I am hoping for a new printer. I know, we gals don’t like presents that have plugs on the end, but this time I am willing to make an exception. And of course, I have him trained-Gift certificates for Starbucks and Barnes and Nobel are always welcomed. Robyn, have you looked into those implanted teeth-that’s what I am getting for one that had to be pulled.

  7. No sense in wishing since I know what DH is getting me nothing can you say Scrooge the only gifts I will recieve will be from my mother and they will be something nice and sentimental but nothing that you would put on a wish list.

  8. Terri, sorry you’re dealing with a Scrooge. No fun at all! Sometimes sentimental is nice–at least it’s heartfelt. Sometimes getting just what’s on our list isn’t heartfelt at all.

    Joye, I actually love gifts with plugs on the ends. At hubby’s work party all the men were talking about their new 42″ plasma TVs and I’m like, yeah, I so want one! And hubby just sighed. And B&N gift cards rock!

  9. If you need music to get you in the mood, try this link:

  10. Joye, I have thought about that but I would have to go quite a distance to get it done. I’m settling for crowns and porcelain veneers for now.

  11. Hi Shara, I’ll have to look into that one button-back up hard drive, sounds like a good plan. But I asked for MS Publisher to help me with making flyers and other promotional items. How unromantic is that? DH and I are having our traditional Eve of Christmas Eve dinner tonight. A romantic dinner at a nice restaurant, no family, just the two of us. We’ve done that each year without fail since we started dating. Merry Christmas. Hope your’s is filled with peace, love and joy.

  12. Thank you, Kathy! Enjoy your dinner. It sounds lovely. In about an hour a group of us are heading out to do our tacky light tour. It’s an annual tradition, but we have a bigger crowd this year.

  13. Shara,
    Merry Christmas! Here’s hoping you get everything on your list.
    As for mine, what else would a book reviewer ask for? BOOKS, and lots of them. My poor man trekked all over DC with my list, and got his fair share of funny looks. Of course, the list had Joshilyn Jackson’s “Between, Georgia” audiobook, Nicholas Sparks, Cecilia Ahern, the Zona Rosa book, and a *few* others. On the not-book list, I want fluffy socks, a reading lamp for my bedside, a new printer, and my NJRW COnference registration paid. Not too much, eh?
    Merry Christmas to all!

  14. Dee, ooh NJRW registration–that sounds perfect! Actually I’ll probably be hoping for WRW Retreat registration first. Fluffy socks–I got some at Brookstone of all places and they are soooo soft (for the moms–shh, don’t tell).

    Off to a candlelight service.


  15. Liz Denler on said:

    I’m hoping for a new sofa, bookcase and an ebook reader
    BTW I’m getting both
    I didnt get anything for my birthday this year so my whole family really went all out for Christmas. And for years I’ve bought myself something cause hubby was hopeless.
    This year hes the bomb

  16. Liz, awesome that you’re getting what you want and that hubby’s being da bomb. I just installed my new wireless trackball, so I’m happy πŸ™‚

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