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Wishing you the BEST in 2007!

new year

Here’s hoping that 2007 is more peaceful around the world. Happy New Year!

I was recently reading about a “Burning Bowl Ceremony” which is done at Unity churches among others. I haven’t yet attended one of these, but from what I read: You write down the negatives of the old year (habits to banish, slights to forgive, thought patterns that are holding you back). Toss them into the bowl (fireproof, like cast iron) and set them on fire. Then you write a letter of prayer or intention for the New Year. In some cases, these letters are kept and mailed back to you mid-year so you can evaluate how you’re doing.

I also read a ceremony having to do with setting intentions for the New Year by writing the notes and placing them under candles. You let the candles burn down then keep the notes in your journal, again to evaluate later. In this ceremony, the multicolored candles represented different areas of life and so you wrote down items to correspond, such as green for career intentions (if I remember correctly). The article mentioned that this is a form of active prayer. In other words, it doesn’t matter what you call your spirituality/religion. Doing a ritual simply solidifies it in your consciousness and let’s the universe know you’re intentions.

I like that idea. I usually do something less formal–journal writing. I’ve already begun reviewing the past year and considering what I would like to accomplish/change for 2007. I have also, in the past, typed up a solid list of career goals (big and little steps) and placed them in the front of whatever novel notebook I’m working in. I don’t think I did that this past year because I was working with more than one notebook.

Then there’s the really informal way I celebrate the New Year. This has nothing to do with goals, but it has much to do with friends and family. I add in a dab of creativity by hitting the ABC store for a variety of spirits, which I plan to blend into various concoctions and drink before and after midnight. *g*



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