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Down the Rabbit Hole…huh?


I’ve been watching the “What the Bleep” movie, trying to fathom exactly what it’s saying. I’ve read a bit about quantum physics in the past (thanks to an ex-beau), but as soon as I see mathematical formulae, my vision grays and my mind blanks. But this movie seems to link the quantum world to spirituality and a concept of God.


So first thing I’m trying to understand: waves when you’re not looking, particles when you are. What? Waves equal numerous possibilities, then when you look, you’ve made a decision. Now it’s one particle. I think. Or the concept that on a quantum level solid matter is really mostly a vacuum, which seems to imply that we should be able to walk through walls if we put our mind to it. Haven’t figured out how to do that yet, but it seems like it would be a useful talent.

Ultimately the point of the movie (and there’s a book of the same name–haven’t read it) seems to be that we create our own reality based on our emotions, which effect (affect?) us at a molecular level. The point one of the speakers made that I found interesting was this: positive thinking tends not to work because it’s like one thin layer over top of a thick mass of the negatives we’ve already programmed (or had programmed) into us.

So how do we really change? If the negatives are causing even our neural nets to connect in certain ways and our cells to have fewer good receptors, how do we fix what’s already been done? I do not think the movie covered this, at least not to my understanding. If you have any insight, please comment.



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