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Point of Rock rocks!

Awesome! Just got back from checking out my friend Jeff’s band POINT OF ROCK and they do rock! Yeah, he paid me to say that 😉 No, seriously! John’s guitar made me long for the days when I used to play (badly), because I always aspired to be as good as he is. You can tell he just loves it. Jeff’s wife Carla had her own cheering section, which was apparently a slew of teachers from where she works. They really contributed to the party atmosphere. And it was so cool to see Jeff hammer those drums. I’m used to him in his writer/critiquer persona, so it was neat to see this side of him.

I particularly loved the venue, the Sycamore Rouge in Old Town Petersburg. It was smoke-free, which is always a plus for my clothes. It was a really fascinating space with an outside courtyard, interior gallery, and a performance area reminiscent of a street in France. And the food was delicious!

And a quick reminder if you live near Virginia Beach: Jan. 13th, visit me, Bridget Midway, Laura Bacchi, and Leigh Ellwood at The Pink Banana where we’re autographing books and giving away free stuff from noon-6 pm. And because of that, I need to get in bed and get my beauty sleep…long drive in the morning!



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