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A New and Spooky Interest…

creepy house

It started when I bought Katherine Ramsland’s Ghost and started reading. Well, that’s not quite accurate. That’s when it restarted. I’ve been interested in ghosts since I was a kid. Did you ever play that game where you hold up two fingers in front of a mirror and see an extra finger in the shadow on the wall? Something to do with George Washington…I think…so long ago. And the game of Ghost in the Graveyard, best played in an actual graveyard, of course. Best not played with annoying cousin out to scare the s*** out of me.

Then there was Ghost Story, the movie. I’m afraid to read the book for fear that it might cause a breakdown in my psyche that I’d never recover from. The movie is enough. It’s a love/hate relationship. I’ve seen it half a dozen times at least and each time I can’t go to sleep until all closets and crevices have been checked. And because of that movie, any images to do with cars and water evoke the same emotional response.

Why does that movie freak me out so much? I think because somewhere deep down I believe in ghosts.

And yet, I’m a skeptic. Which is why I like Katherine Ramsland’s book on the subject. She’s a seeker, so she’s open to believing, but she needs to have her own experiences as proof. That’s me–in need of my own experiences. To get these experiences, I’ve discovered two nearby conferences this spring that I’m hoping to check out. One is in Fredericksburg, VA and the other is here in Richmond. I’ll have to see what the budget allows for (or can stretch to), but I really would like to look at all the equipment hands-on and listen to the speakers’ experiences.  The Fredericksburg expo seems to offer actual ghost hunting. I’m thinking “ghost stalking”–that’s from my recent viewing of Most Haunted and Ghost Hunters, where some of the participants seem quite aggressive. But everytime a door slams on one of these shows, presumably by itself–I am totally FREAKED OUT.

So have you had any experiences with hauntings? I’d love to hear about them!



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2 thoughts on “A New and Spooky Interest…

  1. Ghosts, one of my favorite topics. I’d love to attend one of those ghost hunting sessions too. I have ghost hunters in my WIP. I also enjoyed Katherine Ramsland’s Ghost book. Her vampire books are cool too. They take place in New Hope a town not far from me. Katherine is a member of a writer’s group that I’m in. Interesting lady. Oh, and Dawn you should read Ghost Story, it will creep you out, but it’s one of the best. Just read it with a glass of wine. 🙂


  2. I didn’t know Katherine was in your group–cool! You’ll have to let me know if she ever does a talk or anything. I have one of her vamp books in my TBR pile. Are you sure it’s safe to read Ghost Story? I’m still afraid 😉

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