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The Zodiac Series: Air available at Amazon

Zodiac air


Now available in trade paperback at Amazon

6 hot tales for 3 hot signs…


My new print cover!

cover Zodiac AirHere it is at long last! Well, let me explain. In 2005 Liquid Silver Books did a series of books based on the signs of the Zodiac, two stories for each sign. They could have as little or as much to do with the sign as the author wanted. I wrote “Directing Claire” for the Gemini book. And now after a long wait the entire series is coming out in print. Each book is one of the 4 elements. Therefore Gemini falls under Air. As with the original series, the artwork is by awesome April Martinez. Apparently it’ll still be a week or two before the books are up at Amazon, but I’ll keep checking and keep you posted!

By the way, on Saturday I’ll be joining some friends at the Phaze table during the Virginia Festival of the Book. If you live in the Charlottesville area, I’d love for you to drop by and say “hi.” Of course, I may also pop into a couple of the workshops or, if the weather’s nice, wander on the Mall. They have a really nice pizza place not far from the Omni.


A few more EPICon shots…

Shara at B&NHere are a few more photos from EPICon 2007 in Virginia Beach, starting with some shots from the group signing held at a local Barnes & Nobles. We had a good crowd. After an hour, Sherrilyn Kenyon arrived and answered questions for the crowd. Then she signed her books as well. This was my first ever signing in a Barnes & Nobles, so I was super excited just to be there.Sherri speaks
B&N signing 2
B&N signing 1
Jeff Strand introduced the Eppie categories at the Awards banquet, so I have a dimly lit photo of him at the podium. Later I took a shot of two of the authors who also participated in the Pink Banana signing with the Phaze cover model.Jeff Speaks
two authors and a model
One workshop that I particularly enjoyed was on fighting. The speaker choreographed fights for plays and also participates in Renaissance fairs. I loved the part about remembering that violence has consequences–a shot to the shoulder can’t just disappear two pages later. There would be a hospital stay, multiple surgeries, physical therapy. I was reminded of this when watching TV last night as the heroes hopped up, pretty much oblivious to the fact they’d just been knocked around and shot.

The first day at the beach was downright cold, but by Saturday the boardwalk was bustling with dogs, skaters, and those surreys that you pedal. A few hotels over I found the RockFish restaurant full of Beatles memorobilia. Man, the bacon cheddar burger was to die for!beach spinners


Post-EPICon pics!

80s me I’m home from EPICon and ready to veg in front of the TV or computer or sleep for a long, long time. Totally worn out from dancing to 80s music at the Phaze party, laughing until my sides hurt to Jeff Strand’s all-genre story (by way of introducing the Eppie categories), and walking along the boardwalk at Virginia Beach. I also participated in two book signings, attended workshops, and hung out with some fabu authors. Now I’m tuckered!

PB signingBut I wanted to post some pictures to give you a taste if you missed it. EPICon is the conference put on by EPIC to celebrate e-book authors and e-publishers. The variety of books offered electronically is amazing! But I won’t go into all that here…I’ve got stories to tell!

Starting with my first ever signing in Barnes & Nobles! The EPIC group stretched across the store and the crowd was lively. Sherrilyn Kenyon was the headliner (did you know she was originally e-published?). I was so pleased that people actually bought my books–thank you, thank you! The next night 8 of us signed at The Pink Banana (not far from the conference hotel). As usual I learned more about “toys” then I ever thought I would. *g*

The Eppies banquet involved baudy conversation–the authors at my table were an absolute riot! Then Jeff Strand launched into his every-genre story in which he resolved to have a cliff hanger before every category and I was hunched over with tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. Congrats to the winners, btw!
Cake guy
Ghost BustersAnd after the awards’ ceremony came the party I’d been waiting for: Phaze’s 80s party. I’d dug out my Sig Sig shirt just for the occasion. The Madonnas in the room rocked, but my personal fave were the Ghost Busters (yes, that’s Bridget Midway there). And on the cake are the two covers for the Phaze cover contest, and that’s the cover model (probably deeply confused) standing with me in the first pic.

I’d love to hear from anyone else who attended the conference, and maybe tomorrow I’ll post a few more pics.


Tidings from EPICon!

So I’m here in Virginia Beach where it’s just a tad chilly to be walking along the ocean, but it certainly is a nice view. It’s so cool to be around so many e-published authors. I’m used to RWA gatherings where there’s plenty of pre-published, print published, and just a few e-published authors. Here we’re all used to the pros and cons of small press. We’re used to explaining the technology needed to read our books and what a POD is. It’s great to put faces with the people I “talk” with on the loops and the forums.

Last night I was among the many EPICon authors who signed at a local Barnes & Noble. This was a thrill to me, because it’s the first time I’ve signed in a B&N. I took pictures–yes, I’ll post them at some point–probably when I get home since I have no idea where my camera cable is. Sherrilyn Kenyon drew a huge crowd, but before she arrived the tables were swarmed and I handed out tons of promo and even sold a few books. Shocking, I know!

Well, there’s a conversation buzzing around me, so I’ll have to post more later!


Loose Id RWA approved!

And the news keeps rolling in! THE MEN ON MARS received a 4 ANGEL review from Falling Angel Reviews. And right on the heels, I found out that Mars’ publisher, Loose Id, has received RWA-recognition! If you know nothing about RWA aka Romance Writers of America, this may not be huge news, but for those of us in RWA, it’s awesome!

Romance Writers of America is a professional organization with over 9,000 members. They put out the monthly Romance Writers Report magazine and host a national conference each year which draws about 2,000 attendees. They post statistics on their web site about just what a big chunk of the industry romance actually comprises. They also advocate for writers with publishers and pirates alike to protect our rights.

And occasionally they drive us nuts by not recognizing us as published unless the publisher meets a certain set of qualifications. Once the publisher jumps through all the right hoops, it’s a pretty big deal to say they’re recognized. So I’m so psyched for Loose Id! I believe they’re only the 3rd e-publisher to receive recognition. The more e-publishers to gain “official” recognition, the more respect epublishing will gain in the industry.

The other crazy part of RWA-recognition is finally getting my “First Sale” ribbon and PAN (Published Author Network) membership. Since Mars was only a novella, I need to get my butt in gear and finish Blame It on the Moon to qualify, so I’m off to write…


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