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Loose Id RWA approved!

And the news keeps rolling in! THE MEN ON MARS received a 4 ANGEL review from Falling Angel Reviews. And right on the heels, I found out that Mars’ publisher, Loose Id, has received RWA-recognition! If you know nothing about RWA aka Romance Writers of America, this may not be huge news, but for those of us in RWA, it’s awesome!

Romance Writers of America is a professional organization with over 9,000 members. They put out the monthly Romance Writers Report magazine and host a national conference each year which draws about 2,000 attendees. They post statistics on their web site about just what a big chunk of the industry romance actually comprises. They also advocate for writers with publishers and pirates alike to protect our rights.

And occasionally they drive us nuts by not recognizing us as published unless the publisher meets a certain set of qualifications. Once the publisher jumps through all the right hoops, it’s a pretty big deal to say they’re recognized. So I’m so psyched for Loose Id! I believe they’re only the 3rd e-publisher to receive recognition. The more e-publishers to gain “official” recognition, the more respect epublishing will gain in the industry.

The other crazy part of RWA-recognition is finally getting my “First Sale” ribbon and PAN (Published Author Network) membership. Since Mars was only a novella, I need to get my butt in gear and finish Blame It on the Moon to qualify, so I’m off to write…



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