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Tidings from EPICon!

So I’m here in Virginia Beach where it’s just a tad chilly to be walking along the ocean, but it certainly is a nice view. It’s so cool to be around so many e-published authors. I’m used to RWA gatherings where there’s plenty of pre-published, print published, and just a few e-published authors. Here we’re all used to the pros and cons of small press. We’re used to explaining the technology needed to read our books and what a POD is. It’s great to put faces with the people I “talk” with on the loops and the forums.

Last night I was among the many EPICon authors who signed at a local Barnes & Noble. This was a thrill to me, because it’s the first time I’ve signed in a B&N. I took pictures–yes, I’ll post them at some point–probably when I get home since I have no idea where my camera cable is. Sherrilyn Kenyon drew a huge crowd, but before she arrived the tables were swarmed and I handed out tons of promo and even sold a few books. Shocking, I know!

Well, there’s a conversation buzzing around me, so I’ll have to post more later!



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