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A few more EPICon shots…

Shara at B&NHere are a few more photos from EPICon 2007 in Virginia Beach, starting with some shots from the group signing held at a local Barnes & Nobles. We had a good crowd. After an hour, Sherrilyn Kenyon arrived and answered questions for the crowd. Then she signed her books as well. This was my first ever signing in a Barnes & Nobles, so I was super excited just to be there.Sherri speaks
B&N signing 2
B&N signing 1
Jeff Strand introduced the Eppie categories at the Awards banquet, so I have a dimly lit photo of him at the podium. Later I took a shot of two of the authors who also participated in the Pink Banana signing with the Phaze cover model.Jeff Speaks
two authors and a model
One workshop that I particularly enjoyed was on fighting. The speaker choreographed fights for plays and also participates in Renaissance fairs. I loved the part about remembering that violence has consequences–a shot to the shoulder can’t just disappear two pages later. There would be a hospital stay, multiple surgeries, physical therapy. I was reminded of this when watching TV last night as the heroes hopped up, pretty much oblivious to the fact they’d just been knocked around and shot.

The first day at the beach was downright cold, but by Saturday the boardwalk was bustling with dogs, skaters, and those surreys that you pedal. A few hotels over I found the RockFish restaurant full of Beatles memorobilia. Man, the bacon cheddar burger was to die for!beach spinners



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6 thoughts on “A few more EPICon shots…

  1. SandyB on said:

    i’m so proud of you. you looked great too! can’t wait to see your books on the shelf at Barnes and Nobles. love mom

  2. Ack! You caught me with the Phenom. LOL I’m sure Sabrina will be thrilled. (her and that crazy pink boa. lol)


  3. And I did see the feathers on the floor–she warned us they’d be everywhere 🙂

  4. Sounds like a great conference. Hope the signing went well. Thanks for the pics. I see the beach photo and (((sigh))). So ready for beach weather. I’ve had enough of PA winter.

    Kathy Kulig

  5. Hey Kathy, We’ve been having some pretty nice weather here. My herbs are poking through. It wasn’t exactly beach weather though, but seeing the water was nice.

  6. Yep, pink feathers everywhere that night –but look at that cheesie smile on my face! Oh my! 🙂

    Had lots of fun & looking forward to reading my copy of Tastes of Pleasure, Shara! Great to meet you!!! 😉

    Sabrina )O(

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