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Happy Earth Day!

 Earth Day

Hey, it’s Earth Day! Do something green! Not sure what? Throw something in the recycle bin. Take a canvas bag to the grocery store. Buy organic and compost the scraps. Plant something (using the compost of course). Switch to energy efficient bulbs. Unplug your chargers when not in use. Really, really easy stuff.

Sometimes things are so easy that we don’t do them. They seem too simple, too small–how can they really make a difference? But they do, so why not?

Here’s a couple links to check out:

Whole Foods podcast

Earth Day TV

Earth Day for Kids

Ideal Bite (sign up for the daily tips–quick to read and very interesting)

And a super way to conserve trees–Buy an e-book! I’ve got links to mine at to help you get started.



Emily and Amy Rock!


I went to the Indigo Girls concert at the Innsbrook Pavilion tonight and it rocked! I’ve seen these ladies several times now at different venues around Richmond and they’re always awesome, but I particularly like when it’s just the two of them with no back-up band. Yeah, they had their opening act, Three5Human, join them on stage for a couple of songs, but overall it was just the two of them. Clear hAmy on mandolinarmonies and gorgeAmy and Three5Humanous guitar playing.IG2

I was very impressed with the opening act, Three5Human, because the lead singer belted out tunes like Janis Joplin and the guitar was awesome throughout. Then when the lead singer joined Emily and Amy for “Kid Fears”–fantastic! That’s one of my long time fave IG songs, back from when I was dating a guy from Vermont. I have this memory of singing along to the tape in my Ford pickup on winding Vermont roads.

IG rocks!Emily on stage

There was a ten-year-old sitting next to me with her mom singing “Galileo” as loud as you please. Go girl! Her mom said she’d sung Indigo Girls to her when she was in her tummy, but this was the first time her daughter had had the chance to see them live.

I just downloaded the new IG album, Despite Our Difference, from itunes today, so I haven’t had a chance to memorize it yet, but I’m sure I will as I have all the others. (I was playing them as I worked on my werewolf book.) And here’s hopin’ they come to town again next year!


Can Pantsers Learn to Plot?

As I sit here once again procrastinating from my book, I’m pondering this question, because the reason I’m procrastinating is that I don’t know what happens next. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if I had this book outlined from stem to stern? Then I wouldn’t have to pause and wonder at my characters’ motives. I’d know their motives, their character arcs, their black moments. I’d have it all mapped out to the nth degree if only I could plot.

Why can’t I plot? Shouldn’t be that hard to learn, right? And in fact I have learned it–more than once. I’ve taken classes on it, sat in on workshops, read books, and copied detailed charts. Once or twice I’ve actually done all the character sheets, figured out my characters’ GMC, and done all my research beforehand. I had this all neatly compiled in a notebook with pictures and an outline.

I didn’t write that book.

I was bored! The book had basically been written. The adventure of discovery was gone. All I needed to do was put words on a page, but I couldn’t make myself bother. Other stories I’ve partially worked out, using the structure from the hero’s journey. That helped me see flaws, but when I sat down to write I didn’t follow that outline either.

Am I undisciplined? A bad writer? I don’t think that’s it (hopefully). I’m a pantser. I discover my characters as I write and as I muse. What are their deepest fears? I couldn’t tell you in chapter one, but I learn them as I go along. What do they value most? What makes them fall in love? Hopefully I’ll have a good idea by chapter five, but if not, maybe I’ll see it when I read through those chapters and make notes on the pages. Or maybe I’ll dream about it now that I’ve lived with those characters long enough. Then I can go back and layer in the details, the nuances.

So I don’t recommend my method. Ultimately it works for me, but I do think plotting would be so much easier…if only I could get myself to do it!


Sending out prayers…

I want to extend my sympathy to the families and students dealing with the Virginia Tech tragedy. A new horror for us to keep in our consciousness and deal with. I’ve been watching the press conferences where everyone asks what should/could have been done to prevent this. Sometimes things are too horrible for us to imagine beforehand, making it hard, if not impossible, to prepare. Virginia Tech bumper stickers and flags adorn many cars and houses in the Richmond area, so even though we’re quite a ways away, I know there are a lot of people here who feel this deeply.



April issue now available!

I’ve posted the latest issue of my newsletter, Shara’s E Zone. To access it, just sign up for my Yahoo group (only I post, so don’t worry about tons of unwanted email). This month I’m talking about the hot new wizard and vamp shows (ie. Dresden Files and Blood Ties) and their associated books by authors Tanya Huff and Jim Butcher. I’ve also posted Part 9 of my FREE serial story, “Don Rafael.” The link is at the bottom of the newsletter. Each newsletter includes a link to a FREE Just for Sizzle piece, either an excerpt, a continuation, or a separate short story.


Spring’s a bloomin’

Annette’s blooms The dogwoods are blooming here in Richmond and out west in Louisa and Keswick, VA. My friend Annette and my dad sent me photos from their trees, and I went out to take some pics of the tree in my neighbor’s yard. I don’t have a dogwood. I have azaleas along two sides of my house. One side always blooms more quickly than the other because it gets more direct sunlight.

another dogwood by Dad

dogwoods by Dad

These blooms mean spring to me. They also mean stuffy noses, especially to my hubby who’s sounded terrible the past couple of days. Poor man! But pollen won’t stop me from opening the windows so the spring breezes can clean away the winter doldrums.

Welcome warm weather! I’ve been waiting for you…


Happy Easter!


Happy Spring everyone! Wishing you some Bunny Love!


When One Thinks of Easter

Easter IslandI think my hubby was a bit perplexed when he noticed my desktop wallpaper, since he’s not up on sculpture. The picture shows a stone guy with a long nose, long chin, and short forehead. “In honor of Easter,” I told him. He walked away, still perplexed. I’d opted for a photo of Easter Island rather than a fluffy Easter bunny. I wasn’t in the fluffy bunny mood. I better get in the mood soon, though, or my son will have nothing in his Easter basket. Plus both sets of grandparents are coming over for Easter dinner, which requires cleaning the house and perhaps actual grocery shopping.

So I went googling for images and had to admire the originality of this one: egg hunt

A particularly original place for an Easter egg hunt!

And continuing my green theme I found an article on making your own organic egg dye. But then that requires I get in the mood to make Easter eggs. That’s the problem with the school system scheduling Spring Break for the week after Easter: no time to prepare.

But then the thought of Spring Break itself sends me into a panic, since that means long stretches of convincing my son that he’s not bored to death of the backyard. How am I going to get any writing done? Same as always–by staying up until 2am. How am I going to get any sleep? Now that is the question!


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