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When One Thinks of Easter

Easter IslandI think my hubby was a bit perplexed when he noticed my desktop wallpaper, since he’s not up on sculpture. The picture shows a stone guy with a long nose, long chin, and short forehead. “In honor of Easter,” I told him. He walked away, still perplexed. I’d opted for a photo of Easter Island rather than a fluffy Easter bunny. I wasn’t in the fluffy bunny mood. I better get in the mood soon, though, or my son will have nothing in his Easter basket. Plus both sets of grandparents are coming over for Easter dinner, which requires cleaning the house and perhaps actual grocery shopping.

So I went googling for images and had to admire the originality of this one: egg hunt

A particularly original place for an Easter egg hunt!

And continuing my green theme I found an article on making your own organic egg dye. But then that requires I get in the mood to make Easter eggs. That’s the problem with the school system scheduling Spring Break for the week after Easter: no time to prepare.

But then the thought of Spring Break itself sends me into a panic, since that means long stretches of convincing my son that he’s not bored to death of the backyard. How am I going to get any writing done? Same as always–by staying up until 2am. How am I going to get any sleep? Now that is the question!



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2 thoughts on “When One Thinks of Easter

  1. I think Easter Island seems an appropiate wallpape. Not sure why it’s called that are you? I always have trouble figuring out how to leave a comment because I have to click on “no comments”.

  2. Yeah, the comment link is weird. Okay, Wikepedia gives this explanation for the Easter Island name: “It was given its common name of “Easter” because the first recorded European visit by a Dutch Admiral Jacob Roggeveen was on Easter Sunday, 1722.” Here’s the link to read more about it:


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