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Join Us at the Chester Perk!

Shara signing

June 30th

1-4 p.m.


are signing at


11884 Chester Village Dr., Chester, VA 23831

Join us for fun, raffles, goodies, and books!


A Quick Trip to DC

CapitalMy son and I joined the hubby up in DC for a couple of days. Hubby had to work pretty much the whole time, while we hit the museums and the zoo. We stayed at the Park Hyatt which I discovered had been featured on the cover of the December issue of Architectural Digest. Talk about cool! My son was particularly impressed by the flat screen TV mounted on a wall that swiveled between the bedroom and the living room. I, on the other hand, thought the long, stone bathroom was pretty nifty.

Georgetown streetThe hotel was right nGeorgetown cafeear Georgetown, a place I don’t normally visit. When we take day trips to DC we normally hit the Mall and the museums and that’s it, so it was nice to walk around in the evening looking for a place to eat and checking out the riverfront. We found a cute little cafe that seemed to specialize in pastries, so we stopped and had dessert there. The temperature and humidity were perfect and there was a nice breeze off the river. Since Richmond had spent the last few days in the sweltering 90s, this was a nice change.Potomac at Dusk

I love that the first thing I notice about a place is the bookstores. The was a B&N on one corner and another book place tucked on a side street. When we went up to Dupont Circle the next night via cab (cabby + rush hour=not good) I spotted a Borders, a Books-A-Million, and finally the place we were planning to eat at: Kramers Books & Afterwords Cafe. This place is obviously a hot spot in the area. It was jammed with people making it very hard to browse, but the food was delish once we did get seated. It had been raining on and off, but since it was “off” at the time, we sat outside. My drink was some kind of chocolatini with chipotle vodka. Very spicy! And the filet mignon was melt-in-my-mouth on river

Watch for more blogs about my DC visit in next few days. 


Check out my new cover!

Secrets & Spies coverHere it is–the official cover for my upcoming release at New Concepts Publishing! SECRETS & SPIES is due out late July. Check out the blurb and excerpt on my web site.


Happy Birthday Sis!

Shelly and I

I just wanted to wish my sister a big Happy B-Day! She’s out in San Diego, so I don’t get to see her on her special day. Hope it’s a great one, though. This past Christmas my mom and Dad gave us both a gift that they’d been working on diligently for several months–a book of photos focusing on the two of us as sisters. They selected and arranged the photos then sent them off somewhere to have the book published. Very classy, full of fond memories. Here’s one of those photos. My sis is the one in front. Behind us is the camper we spent many, many nights in, not only when we were young, but when we were in middle school while the parents built our house.


Happy Litha!

summer solsticeIt’s Midsummer, the Summer Solstice, the longest day–celebrate!

For myself I sometimes find it hard to celebrate summer, because I have less time to myself with school being out, and the Virginia heat can be oppressive in the 90s with high humidity. Lots of bugs. But it’s also the time when my peppers start to ripen, deep greens, bright reds and yellows. And hopefully that will combine with a nice crop of Roma tomatoes so I can mix up some pico de gallo.

The longest day also means its hard for my son to get to sleep at his prescribed bedtime, my sis’s bday is coming right up, and it’s almost my dog’s 15th bday. She’s a 4th of July puppy. It’s also time to visit the parents’ pool and cook-out s’mores in the evening by a campfire or simply grill hamburgers and bbq chicken.pepper

So celebrate Midsummer!


Developing a crush?

Orlando BloomI know, I know…Orlando Bloom has been considered hot for some time now, so this is certainly not news. I’ve even admired him in the first two Pirates movies and in Lord of the Rings, but I’ve prefered Johnny Depp and considered Orlando a bit babyfaced for my tastes. However, I just went to the third Pirates movie today, and I must say…ooh baby, come to mama!

How to explain…he’s finally a MAN…know what I mean? Dangerous eyes, chiseled face, baby fat gone. I prefer his character in the first movie, because he’s more innocent and full of idealistic fire, but the look he has now really does it for me. He would certainly work as a hero in one of my books!Orlando Pirates

So, have you seen Pirates 3 yet? There were two teeny boppers in the theater that grated on my nerves immediately. Is that a sign of my age? No, I think their type has always grated on my nerves even when I was their age. They were waving around their cell phones and banging on the seats. Luckily they calmed once their elders were on the scene. Nothing ruins a good movie quicker than an obnoxious audience. Hence my desire for a home theater with an LCD or plasma TV and surround sound. My pleas have so far been ignored by the hubby…can’t imagine why…

Could it be he fears large freeze frames of Orlando Bloom on screen?

What did I think of the movie? Mainly I wished that I had taken the time to watch the DVD for Pirates 2 last night, so that I could remember where the story left off. It took me a few minutes to access the movie database in my brain and thumb through old plot lines. Once I did, it was great. Loved the humor, particularly Johnny Depp’s sequence with his multiple personalities.

Orlando and PriusSince I don’t generally keep up on celebrities’ real lives–too depressing usually–I was happy to discover this pic of Orlando with a Prius…a Prius exactly the same color as mine! It’s like we were meant to be together. Oh wait…my Prius bought with my hubby. Hmm, guess that poses a problem, huh? Be that as it may, it’s awesome seeing the rich and famous driving hybrids and leading the way on environmental responsibility. It’s not all about saving money on gas.


When I loved Jon-Erik Hexum…

Jon Erik HexumDuring the early 80s I was head-over-heels in love with the actor Jon-Erik Hexum. Anyone remember him? My parents probably remember my frantic attempts to get the TV channel from Canada to look like anything besides snow when Voyagers! came on. I was desperate not to miss the show, and I have this memory that they stopped showing it on our US station for some reason and I could only get it on a Canadian one. We lived about an hour south of Buffalo, so, if we were lucky, we could get it tuned in.

I even wrote letters to Jon-Erik. I’m sure they were depressingly sappy, since I was in 7th grade at the time and full of hormones and a general outcast at school. I still have the signed postcard from him, along with one from the star of Airwolf and a Rick Springfield one. I’d mapped a bike route across the USA for when I planned to runaway and be with him…or Rick Springfield, whichever one would take me in.

Yep, I planned to pedal across the entire United States. Bright, wasn’t I?

VoyagersI’ve been waiting for years to get Voyagers! on DVD. Someone on ebay was selling it on video, but they seemed to be copies bootlegged from the television, commercials and all. But I recently saw on Amazon that it’s finally coming to DVD legitimately. I’ve got it on pre-order along with the 7th Harry Potter book.

Sadly, Jon-Erik Hexum does not have a happy ending. He died in 1984 while working on the show Cover Up, because he was messing with a gun loaded with blanks and didn’t realize how dangerous even blanks could be. For some reason I think I heard about this while I was in the cafeteria at school. I would’ve been a freshman in high school.

Cover UpBut more than the actor, it was the show that captured me. I was too young to differentiate between how Jon-Erik was in his role of Phineas Bogg to how he might be in real life. I loved the idea of time travel. That’s why when Quantum Leap premiered in 1989, I fell in love with that show as well, but I never had the massive crush on Scott Bakula.

Sigh. To be so naive again. Nah! Who needs the pain?


What have I been up to?

Daughter Stone    retreat house

I know I’ve been MIA on the blog for a bit, so let me catch you up on some fun recent happenings. I attended a writing retreat with several members of the Chesapeake Romance Writers. Todd Stone of Novelists’ Boot Camp fame was our speaker for the weekend, and we were entertained by his daughter, a jazz singer with a beautiful voice. We stayed in a house at Chanco on the James, not far from Jamestown, and had a fabu times with tons of food.

More drummers      more drummers       Drummers drumming 

Another fun thing we did in the evening was form a drumming circle. A great way to get rid of the internal editor and call on the energies around us to help us reach our goals. But the fun didn’t end last weekend. Yesterday we had a group signing at Greenbrier Mall in Chesapeake, VA, where I got to sign The Zodiac Series: Air for the first time. Here’s some photos of us in Waldens.

me in Waldens  group at Waldens  more of Waldens  Lawan and I

Well, that’s it for now. Check back soon–I really will try to post more frequently this month!



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