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Orlando BloomI know, I know…Orlando Bloom has been considered hot for some time now, so this is certainly not news. I’ve even admired him in the first two Pirates movies and in Lord of the Rings, but I’ve prefered Johnny Depp and considered Orlando a bit babyfaced for my tastes. However, I just went to the third Pirates movie today, and I must say…ooh baby, come to mama!

How to explain…he’s finally a MAN…know what I mean? Dangerous eyes, chiseled face, baby fat gone. I prefer his character in the first movie, because he’s more innocent and full of idealistic fire, but the look he has now really does it for me. He would certainly work as a hero in one of my books!Orlando Pirates

So, have you seen Pirates 3 yet? There were two teeny boppers in the theater that grated on my nerves immediately. Is that a sign of my age? No, I think their type has always grated on my nerves even when I was their age. They were waving around their cell phones and banging on the seats. Luckily they calmed once their elders were on the scene. Nothing ruins a good movie quicker than an obnoxious audience. Hence my desire for a home theater with an LCD or plasma TV and surround sound. My pleas have so far been ignored by the hubby…can’t imagine why…

Could it be he fears large freeze frames of Orlando Bloom on screen?

What did I think of the movie? Mainly I wished that I had taken the time to watch the DVD for Pirates 2 last night, so that I could remember where the story left off. It took me a few minutes to access the movie database in my brain and thumb through old plot lines. Once I did, it was great. Loved the humor, particularly Johnny Depp’s sequence with his multiple personalities.

Orlando and PriusSince I don’t generally keep up on celebrities’ real lives–too depressing usually–I was happy to discover this pic of Orlando with a Prius…a Prius exactly the same color as mine! It’s like we were meant to be together. Oh wait…my Prius bought with my hubby. Hmm, guess that poses a problem, huh? Be that as it may, it’s awesome seeing the rich and famous driving hybrids and leading the way on environmental responsibility. It’s not all about saving money on gas.



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