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A Quick Trip to DC

CapitalMy son and I joined the hubby up in DC for a couple of days. Hubby had to work pretty much the whole time, while we hit the museums and the zoo. We stayed at the Park Hyatt which I discovered had been featured on the cover of the December issue of Architectural Digest. Talk about cool! My son was particularly impressed by the flat screen TV mounted on a wall that swiveled between the bedroom and the living room. I, on the other hand, thought the long, stone bathroom was pretty nifty.

Georgetown streetThe hotel was right nGeorgetown cafeear Georgetown, a place I don’t normally visit. When we take day trips to DC we normally hit the Mall and the museums and that’s it, so it was nice to walk around in the evening looking for a place to eat and checking out the riverfront. We found a cute little cafe that seemed to specialize in pastries, so we stopped and had dessert there. The temperature and humidity were perfect and there was a nice breeze off the river. Since Richmond had spent the last few days in the sweltering 90s, this was a nice change.Potomac at Dusk

I love that the first thing I notice about a place is the bookstores. The was a B&N on one corner and another book place tucked on a side street. When we went up to Dupont Circle the next night via cab (cabby + rush hour=not good) I spotted a Borders, a Books-A-Million, and finally the place we were planning to eat at: Kramers Books & Afterwords Cafe. This place is obviously a hot spot in the area. It was jammed with people making it very hard to browse, but the food was delish once we did get seated. It had been raining on and off, but since it was “off” at the time, we sat outside. My drink was some kind of chocolatini with chipotle vodka. Very spicy! And the filet mignon was melt-in-my-mouth on river

Watch for more blogs about my DC visit in next few days. 



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