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Happy 4th and Happy Birthday Dear Doggy!

4th  HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA! And while you blow out your candles, I hope you’re wishing for a future of peace.

   But it’s not only America’s birthday today. It’s my doggy’s! And it’s a landmark year for her–she’s 15. Happy Birthday Ana! I know you can’t read and you can barely see and hear now, but you mean a whole lot to me and I can’t imagine life without you.Ana

You see, my dog predates my marriage and my child and my house. Even some of my friendships. I remember bringing her home on my lap when she was such a small and wiggly puppy. In that first week she scuttled out the door sending me on a chase through the apartment complex in my bathrobe. She did a lot of that. She used to shred the Sunday paper until it covered my living room from end to end. She could even open a paper clipped bag of cookies without ripping the box they were in. At the end of my first year with her, I lost my security deposit and my boyfriend.

AnaShe wasn’t responsible for the lost beau, only for the lost security deposit, but it was worth it!

I get sad when I think about her age. One of her vets said he had four cockers who only lived to age 14. I know she’s having a harder time now. She’s lost a lot of weight and a lot of verve, but she’s still the first one under your chair if you have pizza. For a long time my mom thought she was going to be her only grandchild! And she’s been there since the first day my son came home from the hospital. I believe she was wondering what that thing was, why it was so noisy and smelly, and when on earth were we going to get rid of it. *g*

So Happy Birthday Ana-Dog! I’m blowing out the candles for you.



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6 thoughts on “Happy 4th and Happy Birthday Dear Doggy!

  1. Happy Birthday Ana!! What a sweet ‘ol friend. Pets who live long lives can thank loving owners. Happy Birthday to the USA too. The Declaration of Independence was signed in a number of towns and it was signed in my town square on July 8th. So we have fireworks then and call it Heritage Day.

  2. Jennifer on said:

    What a beautiful blog:)
    Happy Birthday, Ana dog! You wound just wonderful!

  3. Kathy, how cool to have had the Declaration of Independence signed in your town!

    We just got back from an old fashioned 4th celebration with watermelon and face painting. My son now has green and gold striped hair. Ana’s just waiting for us to cook dinner so she can have some 😉

  4. SandyB on said:

    i think your sentiments were wonderful! i have loved Ana since you brought her home and know just how you feel. thanks for being the wonderful care taker of a wonderful dog…and a wonderful daughter whom i am very proud of!
    love mom

  5. Love yah, Mom! Ana’s sleeping it off today–too much excitement for her yesterday.

    Hey Mima, guess I need to do a tag post huh? 😉


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