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SECRETS & SPIES released!

S&S coverGovernment agents shadowing your every move, a superstitious boss
firing you after you save his ass, a boyfriend running from your
weirdness—how many ways can telekinesis screw up your life? Quite a
few if you’re Casey Summers, a mostly normal person in serious need
of a vacation.

When she `wins’ a free vacation in Mexico, Casey figures it’s time
to `get in touch’ with her inner self—figure out how to control the
powers she has no control over instead of letting her telekenisis
control her life. Her vacation spot is overrun by spies, though. Then
the distraction of what undercover agent, Parker Nelson, wants to do
with Casey under the
covers proves … well, distracting, and oh so fun, and far more
dangerous than she’d figured on.

SECRETS & SPIES is a full-length action-packed super sexy romance
available at New Concepts Publishing!

Read the excerpt at:


I love this book–it was so much fun to write!



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