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From my new release at New Concepts Publishing:

For a moment the bus interior returned to silence, so Casey glanced out the window again. A tractor eased down the road in front of the bus, infuriating Nando. He gestured at the farmer and spoke in rapid Spanish, words Casey was sure she didn’t want to know. To the left of the road was a small town with boxy flat-roofed buildings and a dirt road traveling down the center hemmed in by ancient American cars. Scrawny, dark-haired children played soccer in the street.
The slow movement of the bus allowed Casey to take in the whole scene. At the town entrance, an old man struggled to lift something onto a truck. Two younger men lounged on barrels nearby, smoking and jeering, not lifting a finger.

 That poor man, Casey thought, touching the window with her fingertips. Her power radiated through the glass before she’d even made the conscious decision to help, as it always did. The sack the old man had been struggling with flew out of his hands and into the air in an arc, landing with a thump on the truck bed. All three men jumped back and stared, amazed.

 A hand touched Casey’s shoulder, so she jumped, too.

 “Did you see that?” Parker’s sexy voice whispered against her ear.


 The hand settled more firmly, heat radiating from it through Casey’s shoulder and down her arm.

 “Don’t tell me you didn’t see that.”

 “Oh, that sack. Is that what you mean?”

 “Yes.” Was that suspicion she heard in his voice?

 “That was something, wasn’t it? That old man must be stronger than he looks.” The three Mexicans were rattling on in Spanish and gesticulating wildly.

 Parker fought the window down and listened to the voices over the roar of the engine. The hand on her shoulder tightened its grip. “The old man says he didn’t lift the sack at all. It just flew out of his hands.”

 “Amazing.” Casey thought the high-pitched quality of her voice betrayed her, but secretly she was pleased. The younger men now viewed the old man with interest and perhaps a bit of respect.

 “Finally!” Nando exclaimed from the front of the bus. Casey glanced to the right and watched the tractor turning into a field. It was barely off the road when Nando gunned the engine, throwing Casey back into Parker’s arms. Her weight caused him to lose his balance. He fell against the seat, his arms wrapping around her waist and holding her secure. All questions about flying sacks of grain were forgotten.

 The bus barreled down the road with no thought of avoiding ruts or holes. Parker became Casey’s seatbelt, cushioning her against his lap after each jounce, making her feel warm and tingly all over. She grew extremely aware of his breath on her ear and of his solid thighs against her legs. If she was a wise woman, she would apologize and move away, but she’d never been known for her wisdom, at least where men were concerned anyway. Even when she knew she couldn’t have sex with them.

 After a moment Casey noticed that she was having a definite effect on Parker, as well. His chest pressed against her back and she could feel his heart race. His breath seemed to catch a bit, but the primary evidence pushed against Casey’s bottom.

 Whoa, she’d just met this man! Did she want his erection pressing against her ass? A dirty jouncing bus seemed like the wrong place for any sort of making out. And she shouldn’t lead him on when she knew it would all end badly.

 She made to stand, to slide off murmuring an apology, but Parker’s arm tightened, snuggling her down even further against his legs and his boner. Something kindled in Casey’s stomach and she clenched her thighs unconsciously. If only she were normal… With his free hand, Parker tucked a wisp of hair behind her ear. Then she felt his lips there, just a brush. Her heart stopped and she held her breath.

 Would he kiss her more?

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