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Remington Steele does it for me!

Remington SteeleI love my local library! Why? Because they stock all the latest DVDs from TV series. They get a lot of movie DVDs too, but it’s the BBC, PBS, and old TV series that I’m really excited about. Sadly I seem to have exhausted their supply of Poirot, Miss Marple, and Midsomer Murders. I just finished the first season of Criminal Minds and…horrors…the second season isn’t on DVD yet (that’s where Tivo comes in)! And I’ve put Murder in Suburbia, Season 2 on reserve. I’m #2 on the list.

But what I just finished watching was all five seasons of Remington Steele. Remember that one? Stephanie Zimbalist and Pierce Brosnan. I racked up some fines trying to get through all of them. They did 22 episodes a season! I mean, USA gets away with doing 6 episodes of Monk before going on hiatus! Remington ran from 1982-1987. I’m giving away my age when I say I started watching it in middle school and went on loving it through high school. I’m sure it shaped my attitudes about women in the work place even more than Charlie’s Angels. (Good thing!)

Now that I’ve got all five seasons fresh in my memory, I realize the first season was the best, and that was because of Murphy. I loved the tension between him and Remington as they fought for Laura’s affections. He was dropped the next year–anyone know why?–and replaced with Mildred. I like Mildred, but come on, she’s just not as cute!Murphy

After one particular episode where Laura kept getting called the “little lady” and pinched in the butt, I found myself thinking about female detectives on TV today. Laura invented Remington to get respect in the PI field. I don’t think anyone would need to do that today. We’ve come a long way from bra burning! Think of Mariska Hargatay in Law & Order: SVU or Catherine Willows from C.S.I. What a different view that gives teen girls on women in law enforcement!

Remington and LauraThe other fun thing about Remington, though, was the 80s fashions. The first season tended to stay more classic, keeping Laura in masculine-style outfits and Remington in classy suits reminiscent of classic movies. As the seasons went along, Laura got more feminine, but then she also got more “vogue” with gigantic shoulder pads, headbands, leotards, and other signs of the times. At least they stuck with the classic car!

 But alas, I’ve watched the last disc and turned them into the library. Now the only thing I have left is a DVD on the Secret Service and one on SWAT, but those are due today. Thank heavens my Voyagers! DVD came in from Amazon, and Dad loaned me Greatest American Hero, so I don’t have to end my strolls down memory lane.



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4 thoughts on “Remington Steele does it for me!

  1. Interesting blog. I too remember your love affair with Remington Steel.

  2. Christine Plant on said:

    You can buy the whole set now and watch them anytime! Lovely pastime. Still love gorgeous Pierce!

  3. I loved watching Remington Steele. Stephanie Zimbalist was great as Laura Holt. It was a lot fun to watch Remington Steele. After Mildred joined the gang it was kind of fun. I always felt that Laura Holt was the highlight of the show, I watched the show because of her.

  4. Christine, The DVD sets are on my Amazon wishlist. Maybe dh will get them for me for Christmas, but I’m still waiting for the Buffy DVDs, so I’m not holding my breath 😉

    Anand, I agree that Laura was the best part of the show. I mean I loved Remington of course, but it was Laura I looked up to and wanted to be like and she was the one I was rooting for.


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