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A Problem Like Maria

MariaWhat to do when a song…or in this case, a whole soundtrack…is stuck in my head?! I started watching The Sound of Music the other day. Haven’t seen it in several years and decided to Tivo it in case my son wanted to watch it with me. He’d take some convincing, of course, since to him Harry Potter and Scooby rule (for the nonce).

So I watched up to the whistle scene and decided that was going to give me a headache, but that was all it took to get the ENTIRE soundtrack running through my head for DAYS. And I’d finally gotten rid of it when someone mentioned it on the Liquid Silver forum and now the songs are playing in my head again!

What’s interesting about my history with this movie is that for many years I never saw past the “Good-bye, farewell” scene, because my parents always sent me to bed at that point. This was before Tivo, you see, and before my family even purchased a VCR.

They Might Be GiantsNow I have “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” running through my head. My son learned “Do-Re-Me” on harmonica for school last year, so I heard that quite a bit, but that didn’t grate on the nerves quite as much as “How do you solve a problem like Maria?” It’s like songs by They Might Be Giants. I was really into that group for a while until “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” and “Birdhouse in My Soul” got stuck in my head for a few million hours. My friend still likes them, but she’s forbidden to include their music on cds played in my car. 

Now that it’s almost midnight, I’m hoping unconsciousness will solve the problem of Maria so that I can actually get some sleep!



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