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Tons of fun at NJRW Conference!

Judi’s tableSherry and I danceI used to fear wandering around on my own at a conference. I felt like I needed a friend at my side to have any confidence for meeting new people, but I’ve since discovered that exploring on my own has invited many more interesting folks and experiences into my life. This may seem terribly obvious to an extrovert who excels at remembering names, but for me…epiphany!

Like dancing at the After Party–I don’t need to sit at a table tapping my feet all night just because my friends prefer to. As soon as I heard Bon Jovi, I scooted onto the dance floor, found a group, and barely sat down the rest of the night. Eventually someone convinced Sherry Morris to dance too, and Alleyne snapped our picture.Donna Dalton

I love the Jersey conference because I get to see my PA chums, like Kathy Kulig who received a basket of flowers for her first sale to Ellora’s Cave (her novella Seducing the Stones just came out, btw). It’s a short and cheap drive in my Prius, and I had the company of Donna Dalton. Our only dilemma came in MD when we were trying to find a bathroom–don’t believe those blue signs with the picture of a form or gas tank on them–they lie!

Aleka and SharaAnd I made some new friends, such as Aleka Nakis. I think it was Judi McCoy who introduced us. Aleka sat across from me during the bookfair where we practiced saying “The bathroom is thataway…” Okay, you had to be there to get that joke. Aleka gave me a sugar skull and the author sitting next to me gave me M&Ms. Happiness! She also had the sweetest Sony Vaio laptop…I want one! It’s one of those minis, you know, that weigh under three pounds. You could practically tuck it into your purse. Okay, some women’s purses, at least. I also met the ladies from Crescent Moon, a new epublisher set to open in 2008, I believe. They treated me to a glass of wine in their suite where we tortured Judi who was just trying to sleep.

Me at NJRW bookfair.And, hey, I actually won something! A bookbag with books and a pink rubber duckie just for attending one of the workshops. My son’s now torturing me by squeaking the duck every time I turn around. The signing was successful, and I thought my pitch to an agent went well. Hopefully she did too! And everyone of my Martians found a new home…yeah, my little Martian toys with The Men on Mars book cover attached.

Watch for me this weekend at Book ‘Em in Waynesboro, VA, and don’t forget to visit my News Page for my Halloween giveaway!



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