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Why oh why did I miss Chuck?

ChuckI recently signed up for digital cable and had the guy come out to install the box. He was quite flabbergasted at my array of cables and splitters dangling behind my entertainment center, but he set the box up and proceeded to tell me that I needed a doohickey that came with my Tivo box to make Tivo and digital work together happily. (He also helped me coordinate the wires between the splitter, the VCR, and the DVD recorder, while asking me why I needed so many recording devices anyway. Simple–the networks insist on putting every single good show on the same night, same time–why is that?)

This–the finding of the Tivo doohickey–involved a hunt through my cage of cell phones, head phones, and wires amassed from years of electronic devices. I found what seemed to be the correct tool–he’d said it was purple–and gave it to Mr. Cable Guy to hook up.

But it doesn’t always work! Sometimes instead of switching to ch. 13 to Tivo Supernatural, it will do something lazy and bizarre like change to ch. 3, which is Speed network. Why on earth do we have a Speed network anyway? (Yeah, yeah, the men are all boo-hissing at me right now.) And last night instead of taping the first 20 minutes of Chuck, my absolute fave new show of the season, it taped the On Demand menu!!! WTF!!!

Be calm. There’s always and itunes. There are other ways for me to catch my missed program, but keeps glitching and freezing, so now I’m downloading it via itunes. This works fine except the hubby is home on vacation using the internet too, which makes everything slow down.Journeyman

So then I have to think back to the 70s and 80s, my childhood, a time when I saw Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark in the movie theater and had no hope of seeing them again unless they aired on network TV in a few years. A time when I had to adjust the rabbit ears and pray to see actual figures through the fuzz of the Canadian station that aired Friday Night Videos.

You see what I’m saying? I’ve been spoiled by today’s technology and I would suck as a time traveler, like in my other recent fave Journeyman (which oddly enough Tivo decided to record properly despite digital intervention).



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