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My Christmas Card to You!

All of these shots are from Richmond, VA where I live. To enlarge the pics, hold your mouse over the picture.Mr. ChristmasMy son got to meet Mr. Christmas in front of his well-lit house off of Skipwith. This is one of the houses with its own radio station. It’s also one of the houses where you can catch up with the limos–handy to follow to find the best houses.
Farmington houseThis house’s influence has spread to the house next door. I remember when a church group used to hand out candy canes and hot cocoa next door. Now both lawns are covered with lights. The traffic in this little Farmington cul de sac is insane!
Our treeLast year we got a pre-lit tree, and boy is it bright!
Reindeer names.I believe this is one of the houses on the TLC Christmas lights special. The owners were out in the driveway chatting with folks.
Santa visits the carIn one neighborhood there’s 4 houses in a row lit up with the tacky lights and at one Santa came out to greet the cars and hand out coloring books. Problem with this neighborhood is that it’s so close to Broad St. that it causes the traffic to back up onto a main road.
A House off Broad St.We do this tour every year and it does make us miss our mini-van, but the Prius is better on gas. Some year I dream of doing one of the limo tours, just because I’ve never ridden in a limo…sigh.
Christmas Arch
One of the houses in a neighborhood off Patterson had a display set to music–I couldn’t catch a good pic since it kept changing. You tune your car radio to their station then watch the show. Very cool. We encountered at least 4 Santas, Mr. Christmas, and Mrs. Claus. Usually we go to the Farmington house and find a limo to follow, but this year I printed a list from the Times-Dispatch web site and that worked great.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! And here’s to a peaceful New Year!



Join us for our signing in VA Beach Sat.!

Pink Banana logoWhen:
Saturday Dec 15, 2007
12:00 PM-6:00 PM

The Pink Banana Boutique
352 N Newtown Road
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462 
Meet up to 10 authors or more during this erotica booksigning and enter a raffle to win a wonderful gift basket!!    Take this opportunity to meet the following list of authors during the erotica booksigning to be held on December 15, 2007 from 12pm to 6pm at The Pink Banana Boutique……. Crystal B. Bright/Bridget Midway
Leigh Ellwood
Alessio Brio
Monique Lamont/Yvette Hines
Denise Jeffries/Alexis Ke
Violet Heart
Pam Kinney
Cheryl Bonner
Shara Lanel
Barbara Donlon-Bradley
All authors will be on hand to meet and greet as well as sell and sign autographed copies of their latest best selling books.Also enter a raffle to win a wonderful gift basket.Look forward to seeing you on December 15th !!  –Shara

I’m in love with my cover!

Blame It on the MoonOMG! I am totally utterly completely in LOVE with my new cover! I just got it this weekend and I just want to plaster it all over my walls. Isn’t this guy gorgeous?! I also found out the release date for this fabu book–so mark it down:


by Shara Lanel

Buy it–January 15th–at Loose Id!

Here’s the blurb:

Kitty Lazarus can’t help reading the new pub owner’s mind—that’s her gift—but his thoughts are very different from anyone else’s, very 3-D, and they always involve stripping her naked and doing…other things. But who is this blonde lady he keeps thinking about, and why does he sometimes picture himself in front of a mirror sprouting fur and fangs?

Haden Blackwood doesn’t need the complication of lusting after the rental storeowner, especially when she leases the space he plans to expand his pub into. Worse, she has the uncanny ability to guess his thoughts. He’s got too many secrets to keep, like a tendency to howl at the moon when it’s full and a warrant for his arrest. But he can’t fight his sexual attraction to Kitty—she smells so good!—and pretty soon he’s going to have to act on it.

But his secrets may be revealed as someone from his past tries to frame him…again…for a murder he didn’t commit. If he doesn’t trust Kitty with his true nature, he may find himself locked in jail during the full moon—not the kind of publicity his pub needs. But if he does involve her in his complicated life, she may find herself the target of a madman.

Catch an unedited excerpt here!

Happy Holiday Prep!


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