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Isn’t he a cutie?!

PerryMy ancient cocker spaniel Ana passed away in her sleep before New Year’s, but thankfully after Christmas. She was 15 years old and it was expected and peaceful. But looking around the house expecting to find her prompted the emotional decision to get a new puppy, so meet Perry (think of Perry Mason or Poodle+Terrier).

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve dealt with puppy antics, so that’s been a bit of a shock. The potty training (or outdoors training) is going fairly well. The biting has converted to nibbling, but he has a fascination with socks, particularly my son’s socks. Whenever he finds one tossed into the laundry pile in the hallway (or wherever my son chooses to leave it that day), Perry happily pounces on it and carries it proudly into the living room.

Then my hubby comes home and wonders why there’s a pile of laundry in the living room. Honestly, it’s not my fault. Nor is the shredded bits of paper towel tube or newspaper.

Perry’s new familyPerry was less than 5 pounds when we got him. He’s now 7.5 lbs. The person we got him from said 10 lbs. max, but the vet thinks more than that. More than that would be better, because then maybe we’d stop tripping over him. Right now he’s very cute to carry around though. My son is so happy that he likes to play fetch, because Ana had been too old to do that for a few years now. Perry’s energy almost matches my son’s…almost.

And now Perry’s glued to my thigh, waiting for me to stop typing and find a toy to tug on.



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2 thoughts on “Isn’t he a cutie?!

  1. OMG what a muffin!

  2. He’s getting to be a teenager now, all full of himself 😉

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