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Who knew there were so many?

MoodaI tend to Google myself periodically looking for reviews or blog mentions that I didn’t know about. Lately I’ve been googling my name plus “Blame it on the Moon”–the title of my latest book. Apparently this is a tremendously popular song title. Who knew?

I pulled up iTunes to check this out and found 22 songs matching this title and several albums with the name. Cool. So then I had to listen to them, of course. Moondafaruka was one of the artists I listened to. Very nice. Instrumental. Reminds me a bit of Spanish flamenco, like a mellow Gypsy Kings. I really like Katie Melua’s “Blame It on the Moon.” Jazzy, sexy. Way cool. The tomo-aki version is interesting, because it’s in Japanese. No idea what the song’s about other than the moon.

MeluaMaking me think about the Big Easy in a funky, grooving way is the Bonedaddy’s version. Ray Edge does a blues version. Note: these are all very different songs, not the same one redone. Dina Regine had a folk song by that name, which sounded a little familiar. Not sure why. Perhaps I’ve heard it before. Hypnogaja changes it up a bit by blaming it on the full moon, not just any old moon.

So what I’m trying to say is that my book has some good company, and that I’ve had a hell of a time googling it! One other way to BLAME IT ON THE MOON, is to enter my giveaway of the same name. Details are on the News Page at



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