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Thinking about death…

Bodies We've Buried coverWay to open with a cheery sentiment, right? Actually I’ve been quite enjoying my read of Bodies We’ve Buried: CSI Training School by Hallcox and Welch. It’s a fascinating book about the National Forensic Academy. One minute I think–oh, this is so cool, I’ve gotta go there! The next I think–oh man, I’d be puking up my lunch. One particularly memorable moment was when they were talking about getting fingerprints off a corpse and breaking rigor. I don’t know why, but that got to me. Then they were talking about the different types of death and what exactly happens to you after death. I’ve read about the Body Farm before, but somehow their description of floaters and overdose victims had me cringing. It certainly makes you rethink suicide. In fact they mention that spending some time in the morgue with them will cure most suicidal thinkers.

I gave up watching CSI a season or two ago. Something about the miniature killer who left tiny models at the scenes just bugged me. Maybe I’d just been a CSI junkie for too long. I still watch NCIS, but that’s less about the science and more about the characters. I don’t watch the real life forensic shows. Somehow knowing that they’re based on actual events, actual people, makes me queasy. How sad some of our lives are and what sadder ends they come to.Forensics

I recently added to my Howdunit collection with Police Procedure & Investigation by Lee Lofland and Forensics by DP Lyle. I have another one of his books and I found that fascinating. It included writers questions to him about forensics for their books. Being a writer myself, I love seeing where the imagination takes us. But somehow it’s knowing that it’s the imagination taking us there and not depraved killers makes all the difference. Odd, isn’t it, that I write about depraved killers?




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