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Shara vs. the Big Bugs

Just in time for Halloween, a post to totally creep you out. At least, I’m creeped out! Here’s the story:

We’ve lived in this house in Richmond for–hmm–9 years, and we’ve never had this particular problem. Yes, we get those microscopic black ants every spring and hubby puts down some gooey stuff on cardboard and that usually eradicates them. We also had a carpenter ant situation (I’d never even heard of carpenter ants!) that we discovered after the Flood of 2001 (hot water heater explosion, 1 month in hotel while our carpet dried out). And, of course, the occasional mosquito or other outdoor escapee that I get hubby to squash promptly. Oh yeah, spiders–I try to give them a break because they eat other bugs, but if they cross the threshold into my bedroom–their life is mine!

But this year…

It started with one random bug so big and ugly that it had to be an aberation, something that crawled in when my son held the back door open, or something that hopped from a tree branch and shimmied its way inside. After much screaming, I slammed the yellow pages onto it, told my son and dog to keep far away from it, and left the smushed body there until hubby came home to get rid of it. The next one, a couple of weeks later, appeared upstairs coming out from under my decorative cabinet. I screamed at it and my husband, who was trying to dream (it was 1am after all), until 1 woke up and the other scurried back under the cabinet. Hubby pulled out the cabinet and said it must be gone. I said it was not gone and he could not go back to bed until he proved to me that it was well and truly dead.

Finally he tipped the cabinet over, found the bug on the bottom, which sent it promptly scurrying toward the bedroom. Eek! Hubby killed it finally–I think with the heel of a shoe that time.

This is why–no matter how much I care for the environment–I can’t defend all living things. At least not when they’re in my house. I’m fine with non-toxic bug traps, but only if they work!

Next bug sighting: before I’m awake (9 am–rediculously early) my son comes into the bedroom and says there’s a bug in the kitchen. It ran under the fridge. Okay, I could ignore this in favor of sleep, but I should be my son’s hero, right? Plus the dog might catch it and get some horrible disease. So I stumble downstairs, ascertain that it’s still under the fridge, then drag son off to the grocery store to buy 1 large bottle of bug spray. This sucker was going to die!

I sprayed under the fridge, so the bug trotted out and ran under the oven so I sprayed under there. A little while later we discover an upside down dead bug in the middle of the kitchen. Can you guess what I did? Yup–I left it until hubby got home to take it away. This is what hubbies are for, in case you’re wondering. My single girl friends don’t have this luxury, though I have occasionally offered hubby’s services to them.

The grocery store did not have LARGE bug traps for some reason, so I went on a hunt. Think I found them at Walmart. Came home and tucked them in all the places I’d seen the bugs so far. This resulted in another upside down dead bug body. But then, after I thought it was safe to sleep in again, son was up in my bedroom (before 9am) to tell me there was another bug, this time in the living room.

This one was to prove quicker and more evasive. It ran over the back of the chair, so I sprayed down the back, it ran under the bench (doggy spotted it) so I sprayed, then it ran under the couch. Not only did I spray but I used a long stick to push a trap under the couch. Eventually–you guess it–a dead upside down bug appeared just beyond the dust ruffle.

You would think, after all this, that the war would be won. Ugh! Today doggy starts staring at and messing with the bag of bags in my office. I see nothing, but he keeps returning to the bag, so I sit really still…and I can hear something moving in the bottom of the bag! Perry looks at me expectantly, since I never actually let him kill the bugs. I grab the bug spray and douse the entire rim of all the bags and I spray down between the bags. I never saw the bug, but I’m hoping it asphyxiated.

And I’m throwing out all the rubber spiders I have as Halloween decorations.


P.S. I did not pick up the thing, as shown in one of these pictures–I found the pic on the web and it immediately sent shivers up my spine!


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7 thoughts on “Shara vs. the Big Bugs

  1. Lee Anne on said:

    Thos bugs were pretty gross.

  2. Yuck. I hate it when the bugs try to come in the house for the winter. But since my DH travels, I’m the designated pest control person for the house. Hornets 2-3 inches long are the ones that really give me the creeps.

  3. Bugs – hate ’em! One of the lovely things about Tallahassee, FL when we lived there were the huge palmetto bugs YECH!

  4. Christina on said:

    My 7 year old daughter actually brings me bugs… Her brothers won’t touch them and freak out, not her… She has to show them to me then kill them. (Her dad calls her Katekiller for a reason).

  5. Lee Ann, Have you seen those gardening books on pest control? Full of bugs. I can’t even look at them.

    Robin, I had a mondo bee phobia for the longest time. I’ve finally taught myself not to smash up the car while trying to kill a bee in the car.

    Jeanne, I totally remember the abundance of bugs in FL. We lived there for 4 years (in the ’70s!). I also remember the abundance of snakes, which did not make my mom happy.

    Christina–Brave girl! My son likes frogs and caterpillars and such, but my aversion to bugs must’ve rubbed off on him.

  6. Every fall our house is invaded by lady bugs. While one or two are okay, fifty are upsetting and two hundred are downright obnoxious. I’d love to know how they get in!
    Last year we bought bug bombs, set them off, then locked the house and went Christmas shopping.
    I sucked up carcasses with the vacuum for a month!

  7. Kathy, you should bag them up and sell them to gardeners. I hear they’re great for eating up aphids. (I agree–200 is too much!)

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