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Trick or Treat for some Eye Candy!

Trick or treat! How ’bout some treat? This 1st pic is one of the reasons I love Criminal Minds.

 Scroll down for more pics and a chance to win…

I’m particularly fond of this set of abs and he’s promoting green wind energy…

Keep scrolling…

Oh my my! I’m taking this one home…


To win a copy of


just post a comment to my blog.

I’ll pick a winner on Nov. 1st!


Want some more? Visit fellow Liquid Silver author Stephanie Adkins’ blog:





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28 thoughts on “Trick or Treat for some Eye Candy!

  1. Mr. Wind Energy is particularly inspiring.

  2. Some great eye candy! Thanks for the treat and here’s wishing you a Happy Halloween.

  3. icia01 on said:

    Happy Halloween day! icia

  4. Marcy Arbitman on said:

    I LOVE your books-I own ALL of then. Write more, please!

  5. Rebekah E on said:

    Great eye-candy. Have a happy Halloween.

  6. I just wanted to swing over and check out your eye candy and my oh my … I’m so glad I did! *gulp* Happy Halloween!

  7. Mr. Windy is definitely a sweet treat!! Though I do love CM too!!

    Happy Halloween!

  8. Thanks for all the greetings! I’ve got to go around checking out everyone else’s eye candy too!

    Marcy, I absolutely love hearing that! Yes, I’m working on something new 🙂

  9. Ohhhhhhhhh, I love the first one! That is also I reason I watch that show. Whew!
    Happy Halloween!

  10. ann marie on said:

    Happy Halloween,
    I love the first one, but I’m taking home the last one, he may or maynot be returned back to you 😉

  11. OMG!! These are awesome Shara, and that last picture is such a tease!!! LOL Happy Halloween! *hugs*

  12. What nice treats for Halloween. Hope you have a great one!!

  13. Kim S. on said:

    Well good golly….where’s the rest of the last pic???

    I say all the pants come off then they’re all “green”!! LOL

    Happy Halloween!

  14. Patricia on said:

    hope you have an a happy halloween. The last
    one is the best. Don’t eat too much candy

  15. Patricia on said:

    Happy Halloween Have a great one

  16. Kim, my mom reads this blog, so I had to leave a little to the imagination!

  17. OMG. That last pic was cruelly cropped! LOL Happy Halloween! (And I’m so sorry about messing up this Eye Candy Circle… My TOTAL bad.)

  18. Oh, those pictures are HOT. Really really hot.


  19. Windmill guy is HOT!!!
    Thanks for the eye candy!!!


  20. Carolyn O on said:

    Hot! Hot! Hot! I wanna take home the guy you mentioned taking home-wowza! What you can see of his package is pretty impressive.

  21. Lindsey Ekland on said:

    Definitely eye candy worth waiting for. I am sure you had fun examining all your choices for the page today.

  22. Dani K on said:

    WOW! These are some hot men especially Shemar! Although, I do like the last one too. You cropped it just enough to make us have to use our imaginations. LOL!

  23. Pollyanna on said:

    Yummy eye candy! Love them! especially the one with the tattoo.

  24. Valerie O. on said:

    Damn the person who cropped that last photo!!! LOL.

    Valerie O.

  25. I love CM, but I hadn’t seen THAT pic. Thanks.

  26. Michelle B. on said:

    Woohoo, that last treat was definitely SWEEEETTT!!!

  27. Cynthya on said:

    Very nice indeed! I especially liked the first photo. I hope you had a Happy Halloween!

  28. Thanks for the treat, CM is one of my faves, too.

    Happy Halloween!

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