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Practicing Silence

I’ve been watching way too much TV lately–oddly enough, when there’s been nothing on. The holidays bring on a slew of repeats and weird specials, and in January they move everything around so I can’t find it again. Luckily my DVR can, but that’s not helpful when they put 3 of my fave shows across from each other.

But I digress…this was supposed to be about silence.

It’s really hard to sit in silence since my mind is so loud most of the time. Then there’s the dog barking and the washer spinning, not to mention the ever present suburban sound of leaf blowers buzzing. But the main enemy of silence is that itchy feeling I get when the TV’s off and the ipod’s unplugged and I don’t even have itunes radio blaring on the computer.

Does that feeling denote withdrawal from TV? Maybe, but I think it has more to do with being with myself–quietly. Like last night I curled up on the chaise in the red room with my books and my journal, with a glow of light diffused through glass. I was trying to write just for writing’s sake. Write anything without judgment. But my dog seemed to have that antsy feeling I usually have. He kept looking at me and when I’d get up to follow him, thinking he wanted to go outside, he’d lead me back toward the living room, like he couldn’t stand being so far away from the TV either.

Maybe I’m projecting…

So I’ve tried to sit in silence for half an hour now. Pretty soon my hubby and son will be home, and the house will be filled with chaos again.



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2 thoughts on “Practicing Silence

  1. Quiet escapes from the chaos can be hard to come by with a bunch of men sharing your house…your entry resonated with me. When on occasion there is a moment or two of silence my favorite thing to do is to read. Never enough time to do this as much as I’d like!

  2. I love to read, but sometimes that is even an escape from silence, because it fills up my thoughts with a story rather than reflection.

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