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How can you help the Earth?


But, before you do that, thanks for joining our Earth Day Tour, and I hope you’ve been enjoying the eco-friendly eye candy!

Now for this tour you should have come from:

And if you are just catching up with us. We started this tour at

Save A Tree! It’s good for mother earth….


Do you really need pesticides to enjoy the grass?

Do you really need pesticides to enjoy the grass?

Think organic cotton...

Think organic cotton...











Don’t forget to leave a comment at each blog so you’ll be entered to win for the grand prize!

The Next Address is.

Have fun!


We’re Liquid Silver Book authors–check us out:

PS. I’m adding the other blog addies in the tour in case you get stuck along the way!

Nina Pierce
Alanna Coca
Gem Sivad
Serena Shay
Trina Lee
Stephanie Adkins
Paige Tyler
Savanna Kougar
Shaunta Grimes
Darragha Foster
Rosemary Gunn
Shara Lanel
Tina Holland


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24 thoughts on “How can you help the Earth?

  1. Lindsey Ekland on said:

    Ok, I think I need organic cotton sheets now. Having fun on the blog tour.

  2. ann marie on said:

    Having fun on the tour and don’t you just love playing in the grass 😉 Have a good day.

  3. Debbie_D on said:

    Does he come with the sheets? Love the tour!!

  4. Becky Ward on said:

    I’m having fun on the Earth day tour.

  5. Jean P on said:

    Love the tour. Organic cotton sheets are looking pretty good right now

  6. Alanna Coca on said:

    Hi Shara…great post!

  7. Cathy M on said:

    My hubby has just discovered the organic cotten line of men’s clothes at Patagonia. They have a t-shirt that says, “Live Simply”, that totally works for earth day.

  8. As far as organic sheets guy, that’s John Barrowman (, I’ve been keeping an eye on him on BBCA via Torchwood and Any Dream Will Do (reality show with Andrew Lloyd Weber). He is so hot!

  9. Cathy M, I’ll have to check them out. I found a great organic tee at Whole Foods that says “Fair Trade.” Haven’t gotten one for the hubby yet.

  10. Oh, Shara, some lovely eye candy! Don’t you love blog tour days?

  11. Absolutely, Nina. I love seeing what all the girls have picked out to post. Very, very inspiring–which one would work for my hero? *thinking*

  12. Yummy eye candy. I’d love to roll in the grass with him. 😉 Happy Earth Day! *HUGS*

  13. The organic cotton sheets look good. I need those.

    Love the eye candy.

    Happy Earth Day.

  14. Oh, I absolutely love the feel of organic cotton, on me or on him… lol…

    Pesticides and I parted company 30 years ago, at least. I’m allergic … and who would do that to Mother Earth?

  15. Savanna, around here you can tell it’s spring by the horrible smell coming from the office parks. Why do they need perfect grass when their employees are stuck inside all day?

  16. Wow I can enjoy the grass with that kind of help anytime. 😉 So I guess it would be bad to print the ebook and take on a picnic and enjoy the grass with mr. i love grass above… guess I’ll just need to invite him over so he can read me the ebook in bed. 🙂

  17. In bed might be less prickly, but there are a few fine e-readers to choose from now that are extremely portable.

  18. Nice Earth Day tips, Shara. It’s hard to be conscientious when the world seems to invite me to be careless.

    Days like today remind me to focus, do it right, be aware.

  19. jayzee on said:

    I’m willing to share my sheets with him. MMMMM

  20. Afshan N on said:

    How about a nice roll in the Grass…Is that allowed?? LOL
    I’m loving all of the tips on this tour. Thanks Guys!!

  21. Debby Creager on said:

    I hope I can find that in my sheets.

  22. Tamsyn T on said:

    Its great that all you authors get together to do something, like this blog tour. I’ve already gotten some great tips on recycling, etc. Thanks! Tamsyn

  23. Hope everyone had fun! Thanks for stopping by.

  24. OMG! This is too funny! I just did a Google on my name and your blog came up as one of the findings. So I popped over here to see why…and realized that I had totally dropped the ball on this…probably because I didn’t have a clue that I had been included!! So sorry…though that explains all those posts on my own blog on Earth Day…LOL!!

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