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Ho Ho Hotties–Our gift to you!

Hope you’re enjoying the tour so far! You’re about halfway–check the links below if you’re lost. And don’t forget to comment so that you’ll be entered for the Grand Prize.

Wishing you a Merry…whatever you celebrate…Kwaanza, Yule, Christmas, Hannukah!

If you’re on the blog tour, you should have come from here P.G. Forte’s blog:

If you missed the start of the tour, head over here:

Next head onto Olivia Brynn’s blog:

Have a great holiday season and enjoy the rest of the tour!

We’re also chatting today from 7a to 7p EST. Come by and say “Hi”:



Hotties all day–Fri. 12/11–and prizes to win!

Over 25 authors participating = over 25 grand prizes! AND tons of EYE CANDY!

Join the authors from Liquid Silver Books (and friends) for our Holiday HOTTIE Blog Tour and Chat, which runs from midnight 12/11 to midnight 12/12. The chat is from 7a-7p on 12/11, all EST. All you have to do is hit every blog on the tour with a quick comment and you’ll be entered for the grand prizes–we’ll draw several winners so everyone has a good chance. (Some of the authors are offering individual prizes too!)

Here’s the chat link (no password required to join in):

Here’s the blog tour participants in order (in case you lose your way) followed by the list of prizes:

Trina M. Lee Chatting
Serena Shay Chatting
Jolie Cain
Tina Holland Chatting
Stephanie Adkins
Emily and Elise Chatting
Paige Tyler
Juniper Bell Chatting
Alanna Coca Chatting
Roscoe James at SEx
K.Z. Snow
Ella Drake Chatting
Jeanne St. James Chatting
Annie Nicholas
P.G. Forte Chatting
Shara Lanel Chatting
Olivia Brynn Chatting (when Alanna’s not )
Dhympna du Maurier
Morgan Q. O’Reilly
Sara Brookes
Savanna Kougar Chatting
Christa Paige Chatting
Vivian Arend Chatting
Cat Kane Chatting
Dee Carney
Jambrea Jo Jones Chatting
Gem Sivad Chatting


Preja Vu by Alanna Coca
3 paperbacks from Emily and Elise
For a Price by Olivia Brynn
Wolf’s Tender by Gem Sivad
Once Bitten by Trina M. Lee
Bound by Deception by Christa Paige
Rocky Mountain Heat by Vivian Arend
Banged Up by Jeanne St. James
Endangered Hearts by Jolie Cain
Flesh and Blood by Tina Holland
Between Heaven and Hell by Stephanie Adkins
The Challenge by Serena Shay
Protective Custody by Paige Tyler
Human Nature by Cat Kane
Backlist book by Dee Carney
Semper Fi by Jambrea Jo Jones
Red Lioness Tamed by Savanna Kougar
The Spirit of the Place by PG Forte
Iron by PG Forte
In the Dark by PG Forte
Winner’s choice of any book by K.Z. Snow
Six Foot Hero by Shea McMaster
TBA by J. Morgan
Hearts Afire December by Emily, Elise and Ella
Signed print copy of Destiny’s Magick by Rae Morgan
The Omegas by Annie Nicholas
The Extremist by Juniper Bell
Tastes of Pleasure by Shara Lanel

Splash into the Holiday Season

Or rather, ready or not, crash through the ice into the holiday season. The hypothermia comes when you see 20 boxes of holiday decorations in your small living room that are somehow supposed to fit in my small house.

At least I’ve managed to only buy one new roll of wrapping paper and NO new decorations. I couldn’t help myself at Halloween.

The thing that happens every year is that I never manage to get the house completely straightened before hubby brings the decorations down. So now I have to straighten, dust, and decorate at once, which just makes the process quite haphazard. But then, it’s me we’re talking about, so maybe that can’t be helped. At least gift shopping is about done. I need to assess what I have and see what I’m missing, but I think I’m in the final lap. Going to Bizarre Bazarre yesterday in Richmond helped a lot. But then there’s holiday groceries. I haven’t even considered what ingredients I’ll need for treasure balls and fudge.

I have managed to amuse myself with one item from the decoration boxes. My dog Perry is two years old. He’s very calm about the towering tree and all the boxes and rolls of paper, but he is not calm when I start playing with the dog puppet that barks “We wish you a Merry Christmas.” He gets down into his pouncing stance and gets ready to attack. Wait ’til I find my draft-stopper shivering reindeer.


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