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Ho Ho Hotties–Our gift to you!

Hope you’re enjoying the tour so far! You’re about halfway–check the links below if you’re lost. And don’t forget to comment so that you’ll be entered for the Grand Prize.

Wishing you a Merry…whatever you celebrate…Kwaanza, Yule, Christmas, Hannukah!

If you’re on the blog tour, you should have come from here P.G. Forte’s blog:

If you missed the start of the tour, head over here:

Next head onto Olivia Brynn’s blog:

Have a great holiday season and enjoy the rest of the tour!

We’re also chatting today from 7a to 7p EST. Come by and say “Hi”:



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37 thoughts on “Ho Ho Hotties–Our gift to you!

  1. Happy Holidays!! This is great–just what I needed to wake up!!

  2. Eye candy everywhere. Nice.

  3. Lisa Guertin on said:

    Definitely getting warmer!

  4. Good morning, ladies! Glad to see you drop by.

  5. Happy Holidays!

  6. Hey Shara. I think this is my first visit to your blog. Lookin’ good.

    Have a great Christmas. RJ

  7. Thanks, RJ! And Amy, same to you 🙂

  8. Blame it on the Moon was a great read! I’m having a blast blog hopping. 🙂

    Happy Holidays

  9. Cathy M on said:

    Wishing you a wonderful holiday season, too, Shara.

  10. The guy with the glasses…nuff said. 🙂

  11. Thoroughly enjoying the tour.
    Happy Holidays to all

  12. Yeah, reading guy spoke to me 😉
    Happy Holidays back at yah!

  13. Foretta on said:

    Wow the hottie with computer makes computer look good.

  14. That is a very nice cover you have there.

  15. I wish that guy was my computer tech.

  16. I’d like the one with his comp. to give to my daughter for a stocking stuffer please…deliver to…..

  17. leona bushman on said:

    its long and I got lost somewher, but back on track. this is second in row that follows like tis supposed to whew!

  18. Judy Cox on said:

    Some new ones! I kind of like the intelligent one with his scruffy beard and glasses. The glasses would have to go eventually!! I would hate to break them. This is fun!!!

    Judy (

  19. Ooh… very nice! I have to agree that more computer geeks need to look like this one 🙂

  20. Could we remove the glasses PLEASE! work latter.

  21. Glasses can stay on as long as computer is out of the way 🙂

    Paula, Thanks about the cover!

  22. I think that one guy needs a break from the computer. I’ve got something to distract him with 😀

  23. jennifer mathis on said:

    mmm a smart santa

  24. I’m definitely more in the holiday spirit thanks to this blog tour.

  25. I think I’m having trouble with my computer please send him to me I need help really bad.

  26. Tracey D (bl0226) on said:

    Oh, Santa with glasses; I’m likin’ that look!

  27. Hi Shara!! I so love getting to visit all these hotties, but too to find all your blogs so I can come visit more! Happy holidays to you too!


  28. I would gladly celebrate Christmas day after day if I some hotties like this!

  29. Shara, happy holidays!

  30. Sharon K on said:

    Whao, I need ice!

  31. RachieG on said:

    Big ol’ Merry Christmas to ya 🙂

  32. Tamsyn T on said:

    Thanks for all those hotties! They made my day!

  33. Wow, I am so impressed by all the comments! Glad you all enjoyed the eye candy, esp. the studious one 😉 And HI to all the fellow authors who dropped by!

    Happy Christmakwanzannukkasolstivus!
    (Found this on a Flair on FB)

  34. I think I should help studious santa with his studies. Yes I do. In fact, we’d better get started right now! I’m thinking he needs a test….

  35. Andrea I on said:

    Send theguywith glasses to my office.

  36. Happy Holidays!!

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