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Pick Your Favorite Valentine

How’re you enjoying the Be My Valentine Blog Tour so far? If you’re at all confused, hop on the tour bus here. Don’t forget to leave a comment before continuing on your way.
Like it a little wet? How about your Valentine all wrapped up in red?

He’s offering you some roses and a little more… But this last guy beckoning you to join him. Yum. I think he’s the best of them all.



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30 thoughts on “Pick Your Favorite Valentine

  1. Carol L. on said:

    Hi Shara,
    This beckoning picture is killing me. Beautiful ! He’s by far the best.
    Happy Valentine’s day.
    Carol L.

  2. YOWZA!!! Gosh these boys are lovely…

  3. I like the beckoning guy. yum.

    The wet one looks cold. lol.


  4. Sherry S. on said:

    I usually like to unwrap my present but I think this time I can be very happy with my present all ready unwrapped. I love the first picture and if he’s cold I’m pretty sure I can help him warm up.

  5. jennifer mathis on said:

    jinxs I’d like to unwrap my red present now

  6. I’m not sure about the heart patterned underwear, though, but I like the roses.

  7. The first picture was the best!

  8. Agree with sharalanel lol love the first one though *drools*

  9. Maria D. on said:

    Love the Eye Candy! Especially the guy in red.

  10. Susan C. on said:

    Loving the beckoning man, he looks like he really needs someone to love on. Pick me!

  11. I’m wondering if that guy’s doing anything under the red blanket.

  12. Michelle B. on said:

    I must say I’m partial to hearts & flowers…

    Michelle B. aka Koshkalady

  13. Beth C. on said:

    I’d love to get some flowers for Valentine’s.

  14. Patsy Hagen on said:

    I…NEED…to take that man’s hand!

  15. I surely prefer my valentine wrapped in red. Thanks!

  16. Cathy M on said:

    Number 4 is a great pick, Shara. All wrapped up and waiting…

  17. So glad you all have had the chance to share the admiration of the eye candy. Hope you’re enjoying the tour!

  18. Hi Shara, beckoning man gets my vote! Although, I think I’ve been out-voted and would have to wait in line.

  19. Gabrielle on said:

    enjoying the tour.


  20. The third one! Yum!

  21. quite nice…thank you!

    Jen R.

  22. Savanna, sometimes waiting in line is worth it!

  23. Beverly G on said:

    wow hotness ty for sharing deff have to say i like the one in the red just hot

  24. Lindsey Ekland on said:

    All lovely examples of excellent eye candy. Look forward to more great pictures on the tour.

  25. Now I get it. All these guys got pulled out of their showers.

  26. Tracey D on said:

    Nice pics, indeed. Now, it doesn’t seem so cold here in MD!

  27. I’m definitely feeling the heat in Richmond. Would love it to melt all this snow!

  28. Afshan N on said:

    I all for the ALL WET!!!
    Definitelt some great eye candy though!

  29. I hope everyone has had a great ride on the tour bus!

  30. I think that the last one is the best :X He has that lovely look .

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