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Telekinetic Kisses Sept. 14th!

Secrets & Spies has been given a new life as TELEKINETIC KISSES, coming out tomorrow evening at Liquid Silver Books.

Undercover takes on a whole new meaning south of the border where things turn hot, spicy and deadly in the blink of an eye.

Casey Summer’s bad day begins with a limo crash and ends with a pink slip from both her boss and her boyfriend. But in a flash of perfect timing–or suspicious coincidence?–winning a raffled trip to Mexico eases the sting.

Agent Parker Nelson is having a bad life. A workaholic with high blood pressure, he finds himself assigned to a bogus babysitting job somewhere in Mexico. But there’s a lot Parker doesn’t know about his darling charge, like why everyone seems to be after her and why so many things seem to crash or move when she’s around. Her file is marked “need to know” and he’s been told he doesn’t need to know. In addition, he’s to keep her in the dark about his identity as a federal agent.

As his undercover assignment heats up, Parker has to elude not only the bad guys, but his distracting and dangerous desire for Casey. Far from a relaxing respite from his real job, this assignment is turning out to be nothing like what the doctor ordered.

Enjoy the excerpt! I’ll post the Buy link as soon as it’s up at LSB…



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One thought on “Telekinetic Kisses Sept. 14th!

  1. Here’s the link to get your own copy of Telekinetic Kisses:

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