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An excerpt from TK and a new contest!

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Why worry the little fellow, Casey thought. Plus explaining the incident might require revealing her telekinesis, which would end all friendship or romantic possibilities. Not that she was thinking romantically of Nando–a man who reminded her too much of Danny DeVito–but he might tell Parker.

“A misunderstanding,” she said.

Parker emerged from the airport doors, and he looked so good, so masculine, so capable, that Casey stared with longing, wishing for just a moment for a white knight. What if she ran to his broad chest and sobbed out the story of the evil Swedes? Not just what they did, but why. Casey knew what. He’d freak, just like all the other guys. No need to test that theory. She refocused on Nando. “You still have my bags, don’t you?”Contest prizes

“Sí, but…”

Parker sauntered up. “Sorry I took so long. Real dragon lady back there. I thought she was going to send me back to the States rather than let me through.”

“She must have disliked your shifty eyes,” Casey said, keeping a straight face.

“My shifty eyes!” He sounded offended. Casey grinned.

* * * *

The first thing he noticed about her this time was her legs, which were hot as hell, then he noticed her well proportioned chest and the fact that her shirt was crooked somehow. He wanted to reach out and straighten it. It went against his sense of order. But the most bizarre change in Casey’s appearance was her hair. Clumps of it seemed to be sprouting from her ears and other portions stood out at odd angles defying the laws of gravity.

“What the hell happened to you?”

“A misunderstanding,” she said, smiling innocently.

“A what?” The blood throbbed in Parker’s skull. “With who?”

“With a cabby.”

Was that his chest aching? “A cabby did this?”

“Did what?” She rubbed her arms and he noticed what looked like finger marks there.

His breath grew shallow. “Your hair, your arms!”

“Oh, he just really wanted my fare. You know how territorial cabbies can be.”

Parker didn’t know how to respond. She’d been attacked on his watch? Already? Brandon wouldn’t have sent him on this job if there was going to be real work involved. Right? But he’d failed. He’d let her down. His chest tightened and he opted for no response–there were really no words to say–and concentrated on deep breathing. He hated this weakness, feeling light-headed and dizzy over something so stupid. Relax, he ordered himself.

Ignoring their exchange, Nando waved frantically at a man approaching on the sidewalk. Casey continued to project a blank look as if nothing was screwy about a cabby rough-handling her the first moment she stepped out in Mexico.
Nando spoke to the shorthaired man–was there something familiar about him?–handed him some luggage and came rushing back. “That was Mr. Petrov, retrieving his overnight bags.”

“Who will take them to the resort tomorrow?” Casey asked. Parker guessed she was glad for the change of subject.
This girl attracted trouble, though, he could tell, whether she was a spoiled senator’s daughter or something else entirely, and that would be totally counterproductive to his main mission: getting his health back. He knew that was why Brandon has sent down here, no matter what the official report stated. Yes, he’d given him this assignment, but it was the blood pressure his boss was worried about.



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