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I want to see my grass again!

Long ago my family and I left Western NY, otherwise known as The Snow Belt, to live in sunny and way hot VA, a place with temperate, even boring winters. A place where one could picnic outside in January, where campus schools allowed students to enjoy the air even if they were only in elementary school.

Well, I’ve got to say, this winter you have disappointed me, Virginia. I’m very tempted to cheat on you and move to Florida. Yeah, they’ve had it cold but I don’t think they’ve been dumped on with snow every weekend for almost a month.

And this is the winter VA Power decided to raise it’s electric rates. Our bill jumps way up mid-winter anyway, but our last bill was mind-blowing. See I can go a long time, past anyone else, not turning on the A/C in summer, but I can’t deal with the cold. I’ll sit here with a couple of layers of clothes, blankets piled on top of me, heat cranked but feeling like it’s not working at all, with a cup of hot chocolate. Motivation zero, because doing something would require movement from under my lovely blankets. Perhaps I should’ve asked for a Snuggie at Christmas, but at the time it didn’t seem necessary.

So what am I saying here?

I’m over it, Virginia! Do you hear me? I am OVER winter. I want sunshine, drought, and blistering heat back. I won’t even complain about it, I promise!


PS. Watch for my next post to help fight off the winter chills!


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